2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car

2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car – 1 Smart #3 Crossover Coupe officially released with a base of 268 hp, the Brabus model gets 422 hp. 2 Smart # 3 New Design Teaser Shows the Exterior of the Coupe Encounter Smart # 1 3 The first five stars required by Geely and SEA for Smart Euro NCAP 4 Smart # 3 in the MIIT video reminds us of the cat ORA Lightning 5. This is the best reaction ” You can’t stop “after the accident

In 2007, Smart presented the second generation of its microcar and showed its willingness to continue the struggle of the brand in the market with the support of Mitsubishi.

2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car

2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car

Mercedes-Benz tried to keep the SMART brand after the Swiss company Swatch backed out of the contract with MCC (Micro Car Company). But the Germans were determined to win and turned to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for help. Together they developed the ForTwo, which was sold only as a SMART product, and the FourFour, which was also sold as a Mitsubishi Colt with a different design but on the same line.

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The second generation ForTwo was longer than its predecessor. It was still short enough to fit in a midsize truck, but it was comfortable enough to carry two passengers. On the inside, the 2007 model had boomerang-shaped headlights above the smiling grille. There is no way to tell where the bumper ended and the rest of the plastic body continued. All the panels were removed and the owner could order new materials in new colors and change the color of the car with less tools. At the back, the ForTwo has retained the trunk opening system.

Inside, two passengers enjoy ample space. Its high space and the large amount of glass surrounding the cockpit reduced the feeling of claustrophobia. The new instrument cluster had a wide speedometer in front of the driver with an LCD screen below. Above the center console, SMART has provided the option of placing a tachometer and a clock.

Under the boot, SMART offered a choice of petrol or diesel engines and an MHD (Micro Hybrid Drive) system that included a variable starter belt that helped the car improve fuel efficiency. You remember Monet telling Monet that a painting must have “permanence” to be successful. This means that the owners must be able to view the purchased item for a very long time, day after day.

The rear of this small car, the Smart Fortwo Passion, is one of the challenges it faces as it seeks to establish itself in a country not known for nurturing small European-made city cars. It’s 106.1 inches long, and the width and height roll out to 61 inches in both directions, so the Fortwo is more than

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Shorter than one of the smallest cars to arrive in this country, the Volkswagen Beetle, a century ago. The Smart seats two, weighs 1,815 pounds, and has the storage space (eight cubic feet) of a supermarket carton.

It’s probably the smallest car that curious Americans will ever get into, and its weak points suggest that its golf cart, riding on a tiny 15-inch wheelbase, might scare off many buyers. But it’s very easy to get in and out; it’s not cramped at all — in fact, it has the same amount of room and headroom as a Cadillac Escalade. The seats are very comfortable, the interior is top-notch, and the view glass is panoramic. And the Fortwo comes with a unique feeling when you realize that each door runs almost the length of the car.

Its short wheelbase (73.5 cm) makes long trips on the neighborhood roads where, surprisingly, it should shine like a full boy. And you can’t beat the small luggage space, although if you fold things up, the room swells to 12 cubic meters and the passenger seat shrinks. Our test car got a disappointing 32mpg combined, rather than the 50 or 60mpg it seems to deliver, and the smaller engine requires more expensive 91 octane fuel.

2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car

You like to drive If you don’t and you want convenience for $3, consider the Chevy Aveo, Honda Fit, and Toyota Yaris. They’re not as hot as Jimmy Kimmel, but they have the position and background, and the prices are the same.

Smart Fortwo Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, And Photos

The base Smart is the White Fortwo. Pricing starts at $12,235, and that’s without air conditioning or radio. Stepping up is the fancy Passion model we got here for $14,235. The Passion variant, which drives the same hatchback, costs $17,235. All rear wheels are driven by 61-cubic-in. , a three-cylinder engine with 70 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque at 4500 rpm. The rear-mounted 12-valve engine rockets to 60 mph in 14.4 seconds. The longest transition time is 13.6 seconds, and no, we don’t know why, but who’s counting in this clip? Top speed is 91 for the hatchback, 92 for the convertible. The three-door test did the quarter mile in 19.9 seconds at 68 mph. The excellent brakes produced another impressive result, stopping from 70 mph in 167 meters and ragtop after nine meters. Grip on the pad was 0.71g, which pleased our test driver, who wrote: “The unique independent control reduces the pressure on the pad, so you push it and steer.”

Regardless of the type of car, it is packed with technology, from safety control and traction control to front and side airbags, heated mirrors, ABS, tire pressure monitor, intermittent wipers, electric locks, many warning features. The standard features are simple features you’ll find in more expensive cars.

But what’s really lacking in beauty is the five-speed manual, automatic transmission in the clutch mode, in

In a full car, it’s just a dog, characterized by a very funny gap between turns. The answer is easy diving and bending, and generally feeling like you’ve stumbled upon an amusement park, only no one is laughing. If this makes the driver impatient and they go manual, the Fortwo can be driven quickly, but it requires a lot of concentration – more than listening to the opinion of Howard Stern running – when you start it, get out, change gears, let off the accelerator, wait for the next gear, then return the gas quickly, aggressively. In this way, it is really fun to drive. The downside is that this red driving style can affect fuel economy.

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At the gas station, a woman filling up her pickup truck asked, “Hey, do you feel safe in this thing?” After “What the hell?” is the first question your fellow motorists will ask. U.S. crash tests were not available at the time of writing, but parent company Daimler, whose engineers are best known for developing Mercedes and Maybach, points out that 770,000 Smarts have been sold abroad over the past 10 years and reports eight crash-testing for the new model. , including rear end at 50 mph, front end at 40 mph, and roll at 31 mph. The basic structure of the car looks like a metal body that Smart calls a “safety cell tridion.” According to the company, the high seating position has advantages in side and side collisions, and the engine, battery and fuel tank are located in “protected zones” that prevent them from entering the cabin in an accident. The US model has a front panel.

My first driving experience was in bad weather. The first involved driving 30 kilometers on the road in 30 degree heat, made very difficult by rain and wind. Driving a Smart 18-wheeler in the dark at 70 mph is a little frustrating; sometimes the wind was strong enough to shake cars and move wheels, making the hair on one’s neck stand on end. Even so, the Fortwo remained silent and made its way through the gusty winds. It also worked the next day in the snow, feeling good at 50 mph. The truth is that small cars annoy the driver for no reason.

Smart is recognized as a spare wheel for crowded cities, because it uses part of the parking space of a large sedan. But big American cities don’t offer half the space, so Smart has to use all the space, even with the best intentions. Yes.

2008 Mercedes Benz Smart Car

The Fortwo is currently sold at about 70 dealerships in the chain led by Roger Penske. While we haven’t seen anything on the streets of Michigan, Smart has announced that it can’t match the demand, which is said to be around 30,000 people depositing $99. Now, Smart has yet to prove that it can last long in the US, but it has produced amazing results.

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