2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe – 1 Smart #3 crossover coupe has 268 hp, Brabus model has 422 hp 2 new smart design teaser shows #3 SUV coupe #1 3. Geely and Smart need SEA to get five stars at Euro ldi MIIT’s NCAP 4 Smart #3 reminds us of the ORA Lightning Cat 5 This is the best “You can’t park there” reaction after a car accident.

SMART introduced a redesigned version of the ForTwo convertible in 2010, improving the car in all areas, from its exterior to revised engines.

2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

Although it got off to a rocky start, the SMART project was promoted by Mercedes-Benz because it lost money on every car sold. Gradually, the smallest car on the market managed to survive and became a fashion item, especially in the open version.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio Specs & Photos

The facelift version received a modified front fascia, with an option for LED daytime running lights on the lower apron. SMART offered the car in seven body colors, one more than the previous model, and included a matte finish. As with the 2007 model, the owner could remove the top of the door beams to fully reveal the vehicle. The automaker has added three 15-inch light-alloy wheels to the lineup.

Inside, SMART has installed a new-style instrument panel with full fabric upholstery. The automaker has also introduced a new display at the bottom of the wide speedometer. For the infotainment system, the ForTwo got an optional 6.5-inch touchscreen with navigation in the center stack. But even the basic model has USB and AUX ports.

Under the hood, SMART has upgraded the engines to improve fuel efficiency. In addition to the diesel version, which provides minimal CO2 emissions, the automaker introduced mild hybrid gasoline units. Carlsson now offers a tuning package for the practical versions of the Smart Fortwo Coupe and Convertible. Upgrades include LED daytime running lights, an exclusive leather package, a premium audio system, and light touches on the exterior and interior.

At the front are Carlsson Smart two black powder coated stainless steel radiator grilles above and below – €153. In addition, the small car has LED daytime running lights for even more individuality. They can be used with the headlights installed at the same time and therefore stand out from the usual upgrade kits. A ready-made kit, including a power supply and a control unit, a wiring harness and a bracket, costs 415 euros.

File:2010 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe Interior 2.jpg

The interior of the Carlsson Smart Fortwo now features leather packages from the customizer based in Merzig, Germany. Upholstery is the best Softwalk Nappa leather and Alcantara.

For an additional €359, you can use the specially designed sports seats, which are more precise and with contoured seat and backrest supports, providing excellent support during fast turns.

For audio enthusiasts, Carlsson offers a high-end “Exclusive Edition” sound system specially designed for the Smart. It consists of a two-channel digital amplifier with a power of 400 W RMS, a pre-wired wiring harness for the original Smart radio and soundproofing in the doors. Two door panels covered in black leather behind the speaker grills with the Carlsson logo on either side, contain a 16.5 cm speaker and a textile tweeter, connected via a specially adapted crossover network, for excellent high frequency and full provides reproduction. body sound. The audio system costs €1,295 and as a special feature includes LED spa lighting that is activated when the doors are opened. If you’re one of the dwindling number of car buyers considering a Smart ForTwo minicar, now might be a good time to close the deal.

2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

Smart sent out an email yesterday offering “customer cash back” of $1,500 off the purchase price of 2010 ForTwo coupe models.

Smart Fortwo Edition Greystyle

Those dealers are unique after it was announced Monday that it would take over U.S. distribution of the Mercedes-Benz Smart from Penske Motors, which brought the car to the U.S. and controlled a network of 79 dealerships. experiencing a coup.

Despite the fact that Smart is a “sub-brand” under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella rather than an independent unit, the balance is maintained.

It’s unclear how the change will affect Smart’s plans to deliver 250 Smart Electric Drive vehicles in the United States. The first one was delivered less than a month ago.

Meanwhile, a $1,500 rebate that drops the list price of the base 2010 Smart ForTwo to $11,540 expires on February 28. If you want a two-seat minivan rated at 33 mpg city, 41 mpg highway, act fast.

Used 2010 Smart Fortwo Hatchback Review

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2010 Smart Fortwo Coupe

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