2010 Smart Fortwo Passion

2010 Smart Fortwo Passion

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2010 Smart Fortwo Passion

2010 Smart Fortwo Passion

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Smart Fortwo For Sale In Muncie, In

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An email was sent out yesterday offering $1,500 “customer cash” off the purchase price of 2010 ForTwo coupe models still in stock at some Smart dealers.

Someone Turned A Rare Lowered Smart Fortwo Brabus Into A Lifted Off Road Beast

Those dealers were reeling from Monday’s announcement that Mercedes-Benz will bring the vehicle to the U.S. and that Penske Motors will take over distribution of the Smart in the U.S. and oversee a network of 79 dealers.

Smart will become a “sub-brand” under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella, not an independent entity, but will retain the balance.

It’s unclear how the change will affect Smart’s plans to distribute 250 Smart Electric Drive vehicles in the U.S. The first one was sent about a month ago.

2010 Smart Fortwo Passion

Meanwhile, A $1,500 discount that drops the list price of the base 2010 Smart ForTwo model ends on February 28. Act fast if you want a two-seat minivan with an EPA-rated 33 mpg city. Highway 41 mpg.

Sold Cp08bfv 2008 Smart Fortwo Coupe

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