2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – Smart calls this car Electric Dual Drive, but they are abbreviated to Electric Drive (ED) on the car side and in some literature. Currently, ED doesn’t have the most positive connotations in my books, and I was afraid that driving a smart electric car might be the equivalent of erectile dysfunction. I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t a lame experience at all.

Although the Fortwo received a slightly updated body, the car is instantly recognizable. The Fortwo’s body panels are polymer – yes, you can deform them with a gentle push of your hand like you did on Saturday last year. However, you can see a metal security camera that is highly designed and structured to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

There is a front “hood” that hangs from a nylon strap for access to the vehicle’s fluid reservoirs. Try as I might, I couldn’t get back to the right place after opening this panel. You can see the discrepancy in the lamp image – user error on my behalf, not machine error.

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There is no getting around the tall design, although this is only an illusion, the intelligent person has a relatively short car with the height. It is taller than the other (2.69m!) and it gives a longer look. At the front, it gets distinctive LED headlights and a beautiful 15-inch white wheel package completes the package.

The fortwo is incredibly spacious inside and once inside it’s easy to forget the smart fortwo’s impressive exterior dimensions. Match the entry level. The plastics and textures feel cheap, the leather upholstery gives the interior a weird rental car/hotel lounge feel, some panels have sharp edges and interesting gaps between them, and there’s a big exposed bolt head on top of that. Everything is simple, simple, ordinary and not very beautiful – but somehow it all works.

The smart cloth seats are heated and very comfortable, but not very well bolstered. Maybe this is a clever way of telling us to take it easy on the corners? We will see. Up front is a speedometer and a very slick looking yellow monochrome driver information screen. Centered on the top of the stone are two measurements – one for battery life and the other for current power consumption (in percent). There’s a manual climate control system – which works well, but with an angry fan noise even on the lowest setting – and a stereo system with an interface that looks like it’s several decades old. It is powered by AM, FM, USB and auxiliary sources.

There’s no center console, but you’ll find one or two cup holders, an ‘instrument’ selector, a switch between the seats and a parking brake – there’s also a 12V socket under the dash.

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I don’t know if this is an option but I don’t believe this car has bluetooth – this is the first car in 4 years that won’t connect my phone and I can’t accept it in 2015. I would like to know if I am blind and can’t find the bluetooth function. I liked the large panoramic roof – it’s basically the entire roof panel, and there’s a handy sunshade if things get too bright.

In a vehicle of this size, every storage space counts. Between the pockets in the doors, the slide-out box under the stereo, the large open box to the left of the dash, and the decent-sized glove compartment, it does a great job.

There is a light trunk behind the seats. You can reach behind your back to throw or grab something – that’s it

2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

. Of course, you can open the window from the outside, and if you need full-height access, you can lower the tailgate. Of course, it is not big, but surprisingly spacious (340 liters).

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Powering the two electric drives is a 74-horsepower, 96-pound electric motor. Many people are surprised to learn that smart cars are rear-wheel drive.

The machine comes with a standard 110V household plug charger cable that fits snugly into the tailgate for protection. The charging time with this cable is slow (16 hours from idle), but it’s great for draining the battery after a short trip. If you plug it into a more powerful II 240V charger, Smart says it will take 6 hours to fully charge from 0%. When it’s ready, the fortwo ED allows you to charge immediately or delay charging for later when electricity is cheaper at different times.

The official range of the Fortwo’s 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery is 109 km. My typical commute is about 21km round trip – it’s relatively slow, sometimes bumper to bumper, sometimes at a comfortable clip, but never over 60km/h. I was using 20-25% of the battery almost every day. In theory, I could go four days without driving. When I was on the highway, the Smart car was often using 50% or more of its power to maintain highway speeds, and it drained the battery faster—after 35 minutes on the highway, the battery used up. about 50%.

I’ve driven smart cars in the past, and to be honest, I’ve never been impressed with the driving experience. The two electric drives bought the brand for me. While the numbers aren’t impressive, they’re a lot for a car of this size. The electric drivetrain is surprisingly responsive off the line (0-60km/h in 4.8 seconds) and provides a very linear pull up to 80km/h, where acceleration is slightly slower. At the same time, I got a speed of 130 km / h on the highway (although the top speed is 125 km / h) and it behaved itself. It takes a few seconds to get there, but it’s not too slow.

Used 2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Normal application of the gas pedal at a standstill involves 75% of the engine’s power. If you want to go all out, there’s an extra delay at the end of the pedal’s travel – press it and the little car starts moving forward as the power output needle climbs to 100%. I found the acceleration to be good around town and it’s ideal for a slightly urban car. To be honest, I think I surprised a few people (passengers and drivers at red lights) by stopping them.

Regenerative paddles, as they’re cleverly called, increase the resistance of the electric motor, allowing it to recover energy to charge the battery and use the resistance as an electric car’s version of engine braking. It is very convenient around town. When it comes to turning power, the brakes on this car are terrible. The pedaling is very heavy and the brakes are very strong at first and then very hard once you are on your feet.

Handling is great, especially at low speeds around town, but when you’re on the move, the car always feels distant and definitely leans when you’re going into a turn or a corner. I was a little surprised by the weight of the steering wheel, but I didn’t mind it at all. The car is solid but comfortable. Due to the short wheelbase, I found the car quite noisy on the highway, but it always remained stable, including one evening when I had to contend with some serious headwinds.

2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

The view from the Fortwo is fantastic – a great view of the road ahead and to the side, and of course checking your shoulder… well, just looking over your shoulder.

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So who buys smart fortwos? Honestly, I don’t know. But I can tell you. If you are looking for a small commuter in the city, the smart fortwo ED is a great option. I’m surprised to be writing this, but it’s true.

It has all the power you need in the city, and it has two places to accommodate a grocery trip, as well as cargo space. Obviously, you don’t take a family trip to Costco, and I don’t think it’s going to be a great trip. But in an urban environment, it does a great job of getting people from point A to point B – with comfort, safety and incredible efficiency. It’s not cheap, but if you live in a province that pays rebates for alternative energy vehicles, the cost of the car will be more palatable. The look isn’t for everyone, but if you can skip it, I wouldn’t recommend it

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