2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

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The ultracompact Smart Fortwo is the all-electric car of 2018, but it’s still disproportionately expensive.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

Antoine Goodwin gained his automotive knowledge the old-fashioned way. By turning a wrench in the driveway and collecting speeding tickets. From powertrains and electrification to car audio systems and interiors when it comes to wheels, Antoine is well versed.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio Exterior Photos

The Smart Fortwo is an amazing car. Although it is larger than ever before in this generation. But it’s still one of the most compact cars on the market. The import economy and relatively low sales volumes have resulted in the small cars being disproportionately expensive. That’s probably why, despite the success of car sharing and vehicle services, Even though (the upfront costs are hidden from consumers), Smart has struggled to make an impact in the North American market.

The 2018 Smart Fortwo is highly maneuverable and easy to park in busy cities. Additional navigation upgrades include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on the dashboard. The all-electric powertrain provides reasonably good response and acceleration at low speeds and off-road speeds.

The standard and upgraded technology suites have very basic features. The claimed range is about half that of comparably priced competitors. The folding cloth roof blocks the rear view when fully opened.

The 2018 Smart Fortwo is an interesting but ultimately very niche electric car. However, its high price and relatively low range remain our recommendations.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio (a453) 2016〡add On For Gta 5

Last year, Smart’s parent company Daimler announced that the brand was moving to an all-electric product line. Ditching the gasoline engine we previously tested, the only engine available for the 2018 Smart Driver is now a three-phase electric motor on the rear axle. This is paired to a single-speed automatic transmission that drives the rear wheels.

I hit the road in a 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Prime two-tone convertible to see how the short package came together.

The electric motor is rated at 80 horsepower (60 kilowatts) and 118 pound-feet of torque, providing decent acceleration for a car this size. Zero to 60 takes about 11.7 seconds. The Fortwo’s top speed is a modest 81 mpg. hour

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

Power the party with a 96-cell lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17.6 kWh. (For comparison, the Fiat 500e runs on a 24kWh unit, while the Bolt has a 60kWh unit.) The Fortwo’s battery is powered by a built-in 7.2kW charger, and a full charge takes between 2 and 3 hours at a fast-voltage 240V station. Charge using a household 120V socket and the included power cord. You can charge a Fortwo in 17-21 hours, so this is only useful as an add-on.

Rent A Smart Fortwo

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates a range of 57 miles, but I noticed the Fortwo’s trip computer displayed a more optimistic reading of 80 at the end of each charge. Ultimately, actual range will vary depending on your driving habits. Low city speeds will give you more distance to travel. Meanwhile, highway speeds (about 50 mph) will put more strain on the battery. As I’ll be using soon, the Smart Fortwo isn’t a car you want to spend long periods of time at high speeds.

My sample was equipped with the Cabriolet’s optional convertible top, although in most conditions it functions like a glorified sunroof. At the push of a button, the cloth top panel slides back along the rails. Instead of rising and folding It will stop at the edge of the roof first. Pressing this button again will move the top section backward. By folding the rear window down. But most of the rear view is blocked by a folded cloth.

The roof rails will remain in place during normal use – they can be removed by hand and stored in the tailgate. But you will have to stop the car and then get out. It’s as open-air as the Fortwo Cabriolet, though it lacks the rollover bar and Smart’s chunky Tridion Safety Cell rear pillar that juts up awkwardly.

I’m a big roadster fan. and in warmer climates The novelty of getting out of the car most of the time and enjoying the open sky is nice. But even I have a hard time justifying the $4,200 premium — a nearly 18% increase in price — for the fixed-roof model. In particular, removing the roof rails is awkward and wind noise on the highway increases significantly, even from the top down.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (2017 2018) Price And Specifications

Most compact EVs are focused on urban use. But its ultra-compact design and low range make the Smart particularly bad for highway towing. But suitable for the city

The short wheelbase (73.7 inches) makes it especially difficult to drive over offset joints and freeway bumps. And the steering feels shaky at highway speeds. There is quite a bit of road noise. and the wind noise from the top of my convertible. Plus, with a top speed of 81 mph, The electric drivetrain also feels underpowered and out of place when traveling interstate among larger, faster-moving vehicles.

However, the city is not so bad. The single-speed gearbox features and instant electric torque provide quite good off-road acceleration from intersections. and responsive pedal feel at low city speeds.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

Meanwhile The Fortwo’s surprisingly tight 22.8-foot turning radius makes maneuvering fun. You can make U-turns on many two-lane roads. lane without having to make a three-way turn And getting the electric car into tight spaces is very easy. Its compact size (106.1 x 74.5 inches) is about half the size of Your average “compact car” It allows me to easily utilize awkward street parking that others cannot.

Smart Fortwo Review 2023

For such a small car, the Fortwo has a surprising amount of shoulder and head room for its two passengers. But with just 8.7 cubic feet of cargo space, it’s not much for a package in a rear hatchback. I ended up having to leave the smart home while running errands due to lack of transportation space.

The basic sound system is a standard setup with six speakers, Bluetooth and auxiliary and USB connectivity. There’s no CD slot. But it can be upgraded with a $100 smartphone dock that plugs into the smart dashboard. and allows users to use their mobile device’s touchscreen to queue media through the Smart CrossConnect app for Android and iOS devices.

Drivers who prefer a touchscreen in their dashboard can opt for a 7-inch smart media system with built-in navigation with traffic functions and compatibility with smartphone screen displays. Even this system is quite simple. The menu structure and poor quality of the screen with bezels are the biggest “cons” of this system.

Almost all technical shortcomings are compensated for by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Just plug your iPhone or Android device into the USB port and get maps, app audio streaming, and more. and better voice commands than Smart offers.

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Navigation updates are a poor choice, but Android Auto and Apple CarPlay make up for most of their shortcomings. Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

Driver safety is mostly passive, including a Tridion crash protection cell, a “basket handle” and eight airbags, but there is some active safety technology.

There’s a standard feature called Crosswind Assist, using the front camera at speeds above 50 mph. This system detects when a light coupe is hit by a gust of wind over a bridge or a large truck is passing by. When drift is detected The system intervenes by applying the brakes to help bring the vehicle back on track.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Range

However, there is no lane keeping system. There is no adaptive cruise control. And there’s no collision warning or brake assist. This is a feature available on most Fortwo Electric Drive competitors. The fact that European models can be optionally equipped with Forward Collision Warning and Lane Change Assist systems also helps. This makes passing through North America even more of a surprise.

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For a small car with many compromises, the Fortwo comes with a disproportionately high price tag. Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

The 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe starts at $23,900 plus $750 for destination and shipping. Available in three trim levels: Pure, Passion, and Prime, this convertible is priced at $28,100. Plus a $750 destination charge and available only on Passion or Prime models (the main difference between the Pure and Passion is a sunroof, eliminating the need for the open-top Pure Trim level.) My Prime Cabriolet with Smart Media System JBL premium sound and more options Almost fully tested, price 31 dollars, 430.

For the money spent I would be more comfortable recommending the Hyundai Ioniq, Fiat 500e, or the new Nissan Leaf, all of which offer 100+ miles of range and more confident highway performance. Better technology and amenities and space for people and goods Meanwhile, Chevrolet’s Bolt has nearly three times the range, slightly more than our loaded Fortwo Cabriolet.

For all the bugs and compromises I don’t hate it.

Smart Fortwo Eq Range

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