2019 Smart Eq Fortwo Prime

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Indicates the actual scale in several situations. Cold weather: “worst case scenario” based on -10°C and use of heating. Mild weather: “Best case” based on 23°C and no air conditioning. For “highway” figures, a constant speed of 110 km/h is assumed. Actual range will depend on speed, driving style, weather and route conditions.

2019 Smart Eq Fortwo Prime

2019 Smart Eq Fortwo Prime

Indicates actual energy consumption under various scenarios. Cold weather: “worst case scenario” based on -10°C and use of heating. Mild weather: “Best case” based on 23°C and no air conditioning. For “highway” figures, a constant speed of 110 km/h is assumed. Energy consumption depends on speed, driving style, climate and route conditions.

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* = estimated value. Average energy consumption and mileage based on moderate driving style and climate. Actual values ​​may vary significantly. In some regions, the price information may not be realistic. No rights can be derived from the information on this website.

You can charge using a regular outlet or a charging station. Public charging is always carried out through charging stations. The charging speed of an electric vehicle depends on the used charging station (EVSE) and the maximum charging capacity of the electric vehicle. The table below lists all possible charging options for your Smart EQ fortwo cabrio. Each option shows how quickly the battery charges from empty to full.

In Europe, electric car charging differs from country to country. Some European countries predominantly use a single-phase connection to the grid, while others use almost exclusively a three-phase connection. The table below shows all possible charging methods for your Smart EQ fortwo cabrio, however some charging modes may not be available in some countries.

The model shown on this page is the successor to the Smart ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive, which was available to order from July 2017 to July 2018. The previous model had a similar range, the same acceleration and similar power consumption. To be fair, no one will miss the Smart EQ Fortwo, and with Daimler discontinuing the electric model starting in the 2019 model year and the gasoline model leaving the US market in 2016, we can finally say goodbye to the little road-going speedster . If you miss the EQ Fortwo, don’t, because now you’ll find out just how good any other electric car is, including the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Unfortunately, none of the EVs in the same segment offer convertible versions, but they do offer advantages in other areas, such as an electric range that exceeds the length of your driveway. Like the coupe, the EQ Fortwo cabriolet is equipped with a 60 kW electric motor that delivers 80 hp. and 118 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through a single-speed direct-shift transmission. We could say we miss the Fortwo Cabrio’s EQ, but we’d be lying.

Smart Eq Fortwo Cabrio (2018 2019) Price And Specifications

The only difference to the 2019 EQ Fortwo is that it now comes with a Level 1 charger as standard. Otherwise, it remains unchanged in terms of performance, looks and features, which is understandable since the model won’t arrive for the 2020 model year.

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The EQ is a very tough looking little vehicle; it has a chunky front end with halogen headlights and LED daytime running lights, while LED fog lights are only available on the Prime model. The doors run the length of the car’s wheelbase, while a frame called the Tridion Safety Cell forms the side sills and curves up at the rear of the car to form the B-pillars. The Cabrio features a fabric soft top that retracts fully to the rear where you’ll find LED taillights and rear fog lights. The roof beams can also be removed for a Targa experience. All models come with 15-inch Y-spoke light-alloy wheels and 16-inch eight-y-spoke light-alloy wheels available as an option.

2019 Smart Eq Fortwo Prime

The EQ Fortwo Cabrio shares most of its dimensions with the coupe, differing only in height and curb weight. With an overall length of 106.1 inches and a wheelbase of just 73.7 inches, it is the smallest car on sale in the United States. It’s 61.2 inches tall, 0.3 inches shorter than the coupe, and the same 61.2 inches wide. Its curb weight is 2,383 pounds, just 20 pounds heavier than the coupe.

The Smart Prime Coupe

The 60 kW EQ Fortwo electric motor provides only 80 hp. and 118 lb-ft of torque driving the rear wheels, and no wonder its 0-60 mph time is 11.4 seconds. There’s a palpable level of instant torque available off the assembly line, hitting 40 mph with some gusto, but even with a flat pedal it’s as slow to reach highway speeds as a Walmart mobility scooter. Not that anyone wants to drive the highway in an EQ Fortwo, but in the unlikely event that you get there by taking a wrong turn, plan ahead to overtake and be prepared for the inevitable road rage that ensues.

The EQ Fortwo’s short wheelbase has a negative effect on its ride comfort, creating a noticeable bouncy feel on any road surface that isn’t ideal for a small car. Everyday excitement and the usual imperfections of the city streets are overwhelmingly felt inside the cabin as passengers jostle and any unwelded equipment rattles. But there are positive sides, and driving this small vehicle through narrow city streets is a real pleasure. Its ultra-compact size makes it nimble and has a tight turning radius for U-turns on single-lane roads; besides, there isn’t a single parking space this mini can’t fit into. However, its short length and tall height make it look too skinny, especially when changing lanes and cornering on the highway, so it is strongly advised to avoid any sharp turns. The EQ Fortwo is confined to city limits as a city-optimized small car, and terrible in anything outside of that environment.

The EQ Fortwo Cabrio’s power economy isn’t even as good as the coupe’s, which itself is decidedly uncompetitive. The Cabrio gets an estimated 112/91/102 MPGe city/highway/combined, while the Coupe gets 124/94/108 MPGe. Smart claims the EQ Fortwo’s 17.6 kWh battery only provides about 58 miles of all-electric range, well below the segment average. The Chevrolet Bolt EV has about four times that, with an all-electric range of 238 miles. The EQ Fortwo’s battery can be charged from flat to full in up to 21 hours from a standard 120V household socket – too long if you’re driving solely on the charger – and less time from a 240V socket in up to three hours.

The EQ Fortwo, as the name suggests, can accommodate a total of two passengers. Although the car is small, the interior is surprisingly spacious, and the first visual impression is quite attractive. However, the seats are quite uncomfortable, the cushions seem too firm, adjustability is limited to six-way manual adjustment, and the steering wheel cannot be adjusted at all. The seats are also set higher, giving the impression of a high position, which increases the feeling of top heaviness when cornering. A retractable soft top gives the cabin a spacious feel, while removable rails give it Targa appeal.

Smart Fortwo Review: Prices, Specs, And Photos

The EQ Fortwo’s cargo area offers 8.9 cubic feet of space, which is more than the 500e’s seven cubic feet, but still enough for a few duffel bags. However, when the soft top is folded, the trunk is not accessible, which can cause some inconvenience if you want to carry any products and passengers at the same time. However, the passenger seat folds down, which provides some versatility – not that anything big will fit in a smart car. As for interior storage, there are two small cup holders, a small console compartment, a small glove box and compact side pockets on each door.

The Cabrio range doesn’t have the entry-level Pure model in the Coupe range, which isn’t a bad thing as it’s pretty basic. Thus, the model range starts with the mid-range Passion, which is equipped with the following features as standard

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