Best New Droid Phones

Best New Droid Phones

Best New Droid Phones – There’s no shortage of powerful smartphones on the market (here’s a list of the best phones), but it’s our nature to wonder what’s next. What can be done for the rest of 2023 and beyond? Let’s talk about the latest Android phones that are coming soon. To keep things more relevant and not speculate on far-off projects, we’ll mainly focus on devices that will be released in the next year or two.

If you don’t plan on waiting, there are great phones always opening up. It is important to know what has already been disclosed; So here is a short list of the latest devices hitting the market.

Best New Droid Phones

Best New Droid Phones

The Pixel Fold and 7a are exciting, but we also expect to see the standard Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in late 2023. Pixel phones typically launch in October, with the only exception being the Pixel 5, which launches in late September . The Google Pixel 8 series will also launch on the same dates. Although there is no definitive information about the launch, we know that Google will make a hardware announcement on October 4, 2023. We are almost certain that it will be there.

The Best Android Phones In 2023: The 16 Best Ones You Can Buy

We’ve already seen some leaked images from Smartpix and OnLeaks. Both are very similar and fall under Google’s design language. The main difference we see is that the corners are a little more rounded. Otherwise, it appears to have the same glass design and metal camera casing on the back.

If you want to stay up to date on the relevant rumors, follow our guide to everything we know in our Google Pixel 8 series rumors hub. Now includes an official video from Google showing the design and everything else.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE was never revealed, but now there is evidence that Samsung may revive the Fan Edition series with the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. It is believed that this will replace the Samsung Galaxy A74.

We’ve already seen some rumors and leaks, and the phone looks a lot like a regular S23. This is a common occurrence on Fan Edition smartphones; they generally look a lot like their non-FE versions.

Best Android Phones 2023

If you want to know more about this device, we have our Samsung Galaxy S23 rumor hub. You’ll find all the details we know here, like rumored specs, more images, and more. Samsung has never been very consistent with the releases of its Fan Edition phones, but rumors say it will arrive in late 2023.

The OnePlus 11 is excellent, but not as exciting as the OnePlus foldable. OnePlus foldable rumors have been swirling since May 2022, when a suggestion was made that OnePlus could copy the OPPO Find N to make its first foldable device in 2020, although CEO Pete Lau has said the company will not managed to find significant value in the foldable smartphone market. 2023.

The company has since filed hinge patents and trademarked the names OnePlus V Fold and OnePlus V Flip. While these monikers make perfect sense, we believe OnePlus may have changed its mind as recent rumors suggest the device will be called OnePlus Open. Even OnePlus tweeted a hint about the name of the upcoming device.

Best New Droid Phones

OnePlus also took some time to present what appears to be a foldable on stage. In an effort to dispel all rumors, OnePlus has confirmed that there are definitely plans for a foldable device at MWC 2023. The previous teaser claimed it would arrive in Q3, but we should hear more rumors by then.

Top 5 Best Android Phones To Buy In 2023

You can follow our OnePlus Open rumor hub to stay updated on everything related to this upcoming Android device.

The Microsoft Surface Duo series is interesting. Microsoft entered the foldable device market with full force, introducing the first iteration of the Surface Duo in September 2020 and the Surface Duo 2 in October 2021. However, there was no Surface Duo launch in 2023. What happened?

We still don’t know much about Microsoft’s next foldable, but Windows Central sources claim that the Microsoft Surface Duo 3 was discontinued and later cancelled. This is likely due to the strong influence of true foldable displays flooding the market. The Surface Duo’s central space is not that pleasant to use.

Rumors claim that Microsoft’s upcoming foldable device will feature an external display as well as a true foldable panel. If this is true, it will be similar to other modern foldable phones. So it may no longer have the Duo moniker. It’s hard to say and details are still scarce, but this is an interesting device to look forward to.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Review: The New Android Phone To Beat

We’re not sure of the release date, but judging by previous launches, the phone will likely be announced in September or October. However, Windows Central’s Zec Bowden believes this is unlikely and believes the release will happen later.

The Sony Xperia 1 V is a great phone, but it’s expensive and probably too expensive for most people. If you’re hoping for a similar non-premium experience, the Sony Xperia 5 V will probably be the best device for you.

The Sony Xperia 5 V is no longer a secret as it was announced on September 1, 2023. However, it won’t be released until the end of September.

Best New Droid Phones

Are you a fan of Fairphone devices? We don’t know much about the upcoming Fairphone 5, but we know what it looks like inside and out. That’s because we managed to get some official images from a member of Fairphone. We have also tried the Fairphone 5. Furthermore, it has already been announced.

To5google’s Best Android Phones Of 2019

The device is quite attractive. It now has an IP55 rating, which isn’t surprising, but at least it now has an IP rating. And it did so without sacrificing repairability or modularity. You can still remove the back and replace the battery. You can also easily replace the screen, cameras, headphone jack, and more. You can even change the USB-C port! It is also possible to choose between some modular units such as the ToF sensor, extra SIM tray or microSD card slot.

We had a very good experience with the phone, but you’ll have to wait for our full review to get the final verdict. The Fairphone 5 is planned to launch at a price of €699 (~$758). Unfortunately, it’s not officially coming to the US, at least not yet. It will first launch in Europe on September 14, 2023.

If you don’t need a new phone in 2023, you can start looking at 2024 model devices. Here are the most interesting ones to keep in mind.

For this section, we’ll stick with the devices we’ll almost certainly see this year, but other devices could arrive as well. Some of them may include Google Pixel Fold 2, OnePlus Open 2, Google Pixel 9 and others. If we’ve skipped these or other possible future devices, it’s because they’re too far away or too new to know whether a successor will arrive in 2024.

The Best Android Phones Of 2023: Tested And Reviewed

Note that these are just some of the best upcoming Android phones. We focused on those we most expected. It’s important to note that the industry continues to move forward, so we’re sure there will be lots of exciting announcements over the next six months. As always, sign up for our free weekly newsletter to receive insider tips and product reviews from our shopping experts. Sign up for our free IndyBest email

With a comfortable 50% share in Western markets, Apple is still by far the dominant player when it comes to cell phones; But the best Android phones offer a serious alternative to buying an iPhone in 2023.

Android phones built around the Google-developed mobile operating system come in a much wider variety of shapes, sizes, forms and prices than the current market leader.

Best New Droid Phones

You can find a super fast iPhone killer like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. You can choose a fully Google-integrated phone like the Pixel 7 Pro. There are phones that fold in half, phones that cost less than £200, and weird, flashy phones like the Nothing phone (1).

The Best Google Pixel Phones Of 2023: Expert Reviewed

Choice is the biggest advantage when choosing an Android phone, and the best Android phone for you is the one that has exactly the features you want. Whether you’re looking for a phone with a built-in stylus, a high-end camera, or one that won’t break the bank, you’ll likely find something that ticks all the boxes.

We test all of the most popular new phones here at IndyBest, paying close attention to how they handle basic tasks like sending messages, listening to music, and podcasts, mostly replacing them with our everyday devices and using them as we usually do. and scroll through social media feeds.

We also put them through more rigorous testing processes, using the camera in challenging lighting conditions, running YouTube videos at any time of day to monitor battery performance, and running high-performance apps and benchmarking tools to stress the CPU and test slowness and delay. .

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These Are The Best Android Phones You Can Buy [march 2023]

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