Best Smart Home Lighting

Best Smart Home Lighting – Smart lights can transform your space and daily routine in ways that ordinary lights can’t. I’ve used smart lights for years to change the mood of my room, control the lights based on the time of day, and cozy up with friends for movie night, all with a few taps on my phone or A smart home with simple voice control. The center

Read on to see how we picked our favorite lights. Our Favorite Flashlights of 2023 | How to shop for smart lighting

Best Smart Home Lighting

Best Smart Home Lighting

To find the right light bulb for your space, we talked to home experts about what to look for when shopping for light bulbs. We also share a selection of the best office light bulbs to buy.

The Best Smart Outdoor Lights Of 2023

To recommend the best smart bulbs, the Select staff has tested several smart bulbs and maintained the following criteria based on our expert guidelines:

Our top picks come from leading smart home brands such as Casa, Senc and Nanoleaf. We tried and recommended full color bulbs, but we also mixed white and white when available. With all the lights we recommend, you can control the settings and schedule them to turn on and off using your smartphone. We’ve included important information below each recommendation that we think you should know, such as bulb type and fit.

These smart LED bulbs from Cync are what Business Editor’s Choice Nishka Dhawan uses at home. They took minutes to set up and were easy to pair with the Google Nest Audio smart speaker.

Similar to apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Cync app lets you set a schedule or routine for one or more lights. “During the dark winter months, I schedule my house to be lit in advance when I get home from work,” says Dhawan.

Best Smart Led Lights Of 2023

These bulbs connect to your device using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and are available in solid colors, soft white and bitter white.

These country smart lights are a favorite of Featured Editorial Manager Rebecca Rodriguez, who uses them to set different moods in her living room. “My favorite color to use is red, especially when I’m watching a show or a movie,” Rodriguez said. “When I’m with friends, we’ll change into different colors for the party.”

The lights connect easily to the Google Nest Hub and respond quickly to Google Assistant voice commands, Rodriguez said. She prefers to be able to control them from the comfort of her couch or bed instead of using the power button. You can schedule this bulb to turn on and off at specific times through the Country app.

Best Smart Home Lighting

If you’re looking for an affordable option, these smart bulbs are priced a little lower than our other picks. Select Update editor Zoe Malin controls these smart LED lights in her living room using the Wiz app or an Amazon Echo smart speaker. She also uses the app to connect lights and create routines in different rooms – she has a suite of devices for bedroom, living room, bathroom, office and entryway.

The Best Smart Led Light Bulbs For 2023

Malin also easily schedules its Wiz lights through the app. On weekdays, her bedroom lights come on a few minutes after her alarm goes off, helping her get out of bed. In the winter, she sets the lights in her room to automatically turn on when the sun goes down. “Everybody who comes to see me wants to buy these lights after seeing how they work,” says Malin.

If you’re looking for a wider fit, consider these ultra-bright Nanoleaf meter bulbs. They have the highest compatibility of our recommendations, connecting to smart homes from Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung.

I can adjust the color temperature, brightness and schedule through the Nanoleaf or Apple Home app. I use these smart lights as accent lights in the living room and kitchen, and program them to turn on with warm bulbs when the sun goes down.

You can set up these smart bulbs through the Nanoleaf app or through Matter, a new smart home app that eases the setup process into your experience. To set up using Mater, you must own a Mater-enabled smart home hub such as Echo (4th Gen), HomePod Mini or Nest Hub. If you do, open your favorite smart home app, scan the QR code printed on the side of the plug and the app should take care of the rest. This process took me about two minutes using my Apple HomePod Mini.

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In my experience, smart lights work similarly. There are probably hundreds of brands to choose from, but most will offer a proprietary app, custom colors, design features and voice control.

According to our experts, below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for smart lighting.

When it comes to smart lights, you get what you pay for. According to Patrick Miltner, vice president of software product management at lighting company Savant, there can be many differences between lights at different price points that you won’t notice until you compare them side by side. “If you buy the cheapest full-color light bulb you can get and compare it to a more expensive one, you’ll often find that the more expensive light bulb is brighter, especially for colors. “

Best Smart Home Lighting

Just like when you buy a regular light bulb, pay attention to the type of socket your light fixture uses and check the details on the product page or packaging to see if the smart light is compatible. Is. While the majority of Work Choice lamps and light fixtures use A19 bulbs, you should double-check your existing fixtures and fittings to make sure the new bulb will fit you, says Melissa Mohr, Amazon’s director of smart home. Suitable for home. Decorative lighting such as chandeliers and sconces, for example, often use type B or C light bulbs rather than type A.

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At Select, we work with professionals who have specialized knowledge and skills based on relevant training and/or experience. We also take steps to ensure that all professional advice and recommendations are given independently and without any unknown financial complications.

Harry Rabinowitz is a reporter at Select who has covered consumer technology for years. For this piece, he drew on his personal experience and the chosen team’s experience using smart light bulbs in their everyday lives. They also spoke to experts in the smart home industry and analyzed some popular light bulbs in detail.

Check out Choice’s in-depth coverage of personal finance, technology and tools, health and more, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to stay updated. Luxury technology has changed how we view luxury and what it is. Wealthy homeowners came to expect in their homes, including bright luxury homes. We’re not talking about your Alexa or Google smart home devices. We’re talking about intelligent lighting control designed to enhance the interior experience.

Luxury smart home lighting not only adds to the beauty of luxury homes but is also very useful. Luxury Home Lighting:

The 8 Best Pieces Of Luxury Technology For A Sustainable Smart Home

Luxury smart home lighting can adjust to set “scenes” with the push of a button. Our “No Bill Home” features a billiards room where smart home appliances can help create a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Smart home technology is the way forward in luxury homes, so investing in smart home lighting is definitely worth your time. Take a look at some of the best home lighting brands and products on the market, and maybe get ideas on ways you can improve the beauty of your home.

For over 50 years, Lutron has provided innovative lighting solutions, including the original dimmer switch. This global company focuses on providing quality products to customers around the world and is always striving to come up with the best, most efficient lighting options.

Best Smart Home Lighting

Lutron’s smart home lighting solutions typically support 75 to 10,000 home devices and work with most smart home devices from all brands.

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If you’re just looking to dip your toe into the world of smart home lighting, Caséta is a great place to start because you can start in one room and easily expand to others, perhaps even your entire home. . Caséta boasts some amazing indoor lighting features, including:

Home automation is the cream of the crop when it comes to Lutron home lighting solutions. This system not only allows you to control over 10,000 devices, but also features hidden panels to enhance aesthetics and eliminate dimming and walls. As one of the world’s leading luxury whole home systems, HomeWorks offers the best smart home lighting options and allows you to connect to every smart device in your home in one place.

Create an elegant dinner party atmosphere with smart home lighting, which can work with bulbs, such as the stunning chandelier in the “Mid-Century Modern Waterfront” dining room.

Crestron provides precise, customized home lighting solutions to customers around the world. Their efforts to develop smart home technology are ongoing.

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