Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks – Recently, electric vehicles (EVs) have been in the spotlight as a sustainable means of transportation. However, one of the major obstacles preventing adoption is the long charging time required to achieve sufficient range. This is where Israeli startup StoreDot uses XFC technology.

Founded in 2012, StoreDot specializes in developing advanced equipment and battery technologies for a variety of fields, including mobile devices and EVs. XFC batteries use advanced nanotechnology to charge up to 80% capacity in just 5 minutes. This is a significant improvement over lithium-ion batteries, which can take hours to fully charge.

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

Although StoreDot is still a private company and its shares are not publicly traded, investors can buy and sell shares through private markets or investor funds prior to the IPO. According to PitchBook data in June 2023, StoreDot authorized 14 million shares of B common stock at a par value of $0.100 and an initial price of $3.41.

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With the advent of electric vehicles (EV), the energy storage industry is rapidly expanding. The fast charging sector had a faster growth rate than the slow charging sector, at 48% compared to 43% in 2021. As a result, the popularity of electric vehicles has made electricity storage an attractive opportunity for long-term investors.

Tesla, ChargePoint, and Blink Charger lead the way, highlighting the potential benefits for investors. The integrated market for stationary energy storage and transportation is expected to grow by approximately 2.5 to 4 TWh per year until 2030. Additionally, companies such as Parkland have developed new thermal energy storage systems to complement EV charging station infrastructure.

Investors interested in StoreDot’s developments in the field of high-speed tracking batteries and scientific instruments, but unable to invest because it is currently a private Israeli company, may be interested in other companies.

Webasto Group, a Germany-based company that creates advanced systems, heating and cooling, and battery solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles, is one such company. Another potential investment is Tianneng Battery Group, a Chinese manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, which has made significant progress in EV technology research.

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Uniwheel designs and manufactures electric scooters for commuters. RELiON Batteries is a renowned US-based manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries used in a variety of industries such as marine, RV/van, portable power equipment (MPE), golf carts, and more.

EnPower develops microporous silicon anode technology used in EV battery manufacturing, while Log9 specializes in graphene nanotechnology for air purification systems and energy use.

Finally, Energy Services provides consulting services related to materials science, as well as practical solutions related to the assessment of the status of various technologies, such as better plastic recycling materials or improvements related to green infrastructure.

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

In conclusion, StoreDot’s Although StoreDot’s stock is not yet publicly traded, existing companies such as Webasto Group, Tianneng Battery, Uniwheel, RELiON Battery, EnPower, Log9 and ExComponent Energy could represent investment opportunities for the EV industry and those interested in introducing energy storage solutions. there is.

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The industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years as the demand for energy storage and fast solutions continues to grow due to the popularity of EVS. However, investors should always perform due diligence before investing in a listed or unlisted company.

Yasmine focuses on finding early-stage ideas that can have a lasting impact. His education includes a master’s degree in finance, an MBA, and two certifications (CFA and CMT). Electric vehicles have become popular recently due to their ability to reduce emissions and conserve natural resources. In fact, EV sales in India have grown rapidly with 11,70,916 units purchased in the fiscal year 2022-2023 alone, crossing the one million mark for the first time in the current fiscal year. With the electric vehicle market in India expected to reach $113.99 billion by 2029, growing at an impressive CAGR of 66.52%, it is no wonder that the electric vehicle market in India is growing.

In this article, we analyze the best EV stores in India into different categories and explore the market potential of electric vehicles.

Before entering the best electric car stores in India, it is important to know that the range of electric cars is not limited to one manufacturer. The sector has four subdomains:

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: Data is as of September 13, 2023, and EV companies were selected based on one-year return.

The stock value of the company, a unit of Mega Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd, was ₹1,914.10, showing a growth of 91.85% over last year. K9 has a solid foundation for producing electric buses, including a regenerative braking system that reduces energy by 30% when braking and a rapid charging system. The company is also the only manufacturer of Tarmac electric buses for use in Indian airports.

The company is best known for producing batteries used in conventional vehicles. Now they are getting into the business of making custom batteries for EVs. Looking at the average ‘scorecard’ of the stock, it is currently showing positive signs of profitability, so financial growth is expected.

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

It is one of the oldest car manufacturers on the market. Currently, it offers three electric vehicles in India – Tata Nexon EV Prime, Tata Nexon EV Max and Tata Tigor EV. This high-cap stock presents analysts as a good buying opportunity, and it’s not cheap right now.

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Amara Raja Battery Ltd, India’s second-largest car battery manufacturer, plans to invest $800 million to $1 million over the next five to eight years to build a gigafactory. We established Korea’s only lithium-ion battery development technology center. As of September 13, 2023, this compact EV has increased its stock price by 21.08% over the past year.

One of the most famous companies in the automobile industry is Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M). They entered the electric vehicle market in 2022 with the XUV400. Pre-orders for this electric vehicle from M&M will begin in January 2023. Luxury cars that score 7/10 on the scorecard are only available to Pro subscribers.

It is India’s largest power distribution company with EV charging stations in seven cities in the country. This large-cap stock model has 2.27x volatility compared to Nifty. When looking at the ‘Scorecard’, this EV stock shows an excellent profitability score of 9.3/10.

Hero MotoCorp is a major player in the dual EV market. We offer 8 models: Photon, Optima, NYX, Eddy, Flash, Atria, AE-29 and AE-3. This mid-cap EV stock scores a 7.3/10 on our Scorecard and is only visible to Pro subscribers.

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This is one of the largest auto component manufacturers in India. With the advent of electric vehicles, the production of parts needed for electric vehicles began. Shares of Motherson Sumi Systems have recorded a one-year growth rate of 1.63%, which is the lowest among other EV stocks, and currently have a performance of 7.5/10 on our ‘Scorecard’.

According to experts, the electric vehicle market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 49% until 2030. Annual sales volume is expected to exceed 17 million units within the next seven years. According to the Indian Energy Storage Association (IESA), the rapid growth of the electric vehicle sector can be attributed to various factors, including technological advancements related to electric vehicles, rising fuel costs, and exhaust gas emissions.

The EV segment is growing rapidly and India can expect many new players to enter the market. However, as an investor, it is always advisable to do your research before investing in any fund.

Electric Car Charging Station Companies Stocks

There are many two-wheeler manufacturers in India that sell electric vehicles. Some of the famous names include Hero Electric, Okinawa, Ampere, Ather, PUREV, Ola, TVS, Revolt, Benling, Bajaj, etc.

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There are many four-wheeler manufacturers in India that sell electric vehicles. Tata Motors, Mahindra Electric, Hyundai, Ultraviolette Automotive, etc. are some of the famous companies.

Some of the auto electronics stores in India include Exide Industries, Amara Raja Battery, Tata Chemical, Hero MotoCorp, Maruti Suzuki, Himadri Specialty Chemical Ltd, etc.

Some EV charging stocks in India include TATA Power Company Ltd, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), etc.

I do my best to simplify financial topics and make them easily understandable for everyone, regardless of their level of financial knowledge.

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