Electric Smart Car Battery

Electric Smart Car Battery – 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Battery Health Still Strong at 125,000 Miles Apparently, Teslas aren’t the only ones maintaining high battery health after more than 100,000 miles. In fact, this 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric still has a lot of life left in it.

In fact, this 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric still has a lot of life left in it. Although the battery is small, it needs to be charged very often.

Electric Smart Car Battery

Electric Smart Car Battery

Fan Moritz Leicht from Germany reached us with an amazing Smart story. We’ll share the recap below, but the bottom line is that he likes his electric Smart. Add in the fact that the battery has 90% capacity when it’s new, and it’s mind-boggling.

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I’m Moritz Leicht from Germany and I’d like to tell you about my 2013 smart electric motor with a standard 3.7kW charger (a 22kW charger is also available in Europe). At the end of 2018, we passed the 200,000 km mark and now we are happy that the battery still has 90% of its original capacity left.

Smart is a car and we use it however we want. For example, we ran a few laps at race speed at the Hockenheimring in Germany

This car changed our lives, originally leased for only two years, my dad bought it after two years

This car made my family electric (I went from the old ED to the new EQ, my brother got the old ED, my mom drives a Renault Zoe, my dad got a used Model S 100D)

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Moritz also noted that because the Smart has a small battery, it needs to be charged frequently. Therefore, 125,000 miles on the battery is all the more impressive. Mark: Hello people of the internet. That’s the sign of remarkable speaking. I’m here with Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver. Vancouver’s best car service experience. 24-time winners of Vancouver’s Best Auto Repair as voted by their customers. And we are talking about cars. how is bernie

Sign Fall victim to another retro 2014 Smart EV today that had battery issues. What happened to this car?

Bernie: Yes, this car was towed to our shop. High voltage batteries do not charge or deliver power as is the case with high voltage batteries. And that is certainly an important thing. It’s like a gasoline-powered car without a fuel tank.

Electric Smart Car Battery

Mark: How do you determine if the problem is a high voltage battery and not the charger or something else?

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Bernie: Well, the owner of the car ran a diagnosis, probably at Mercedes or something on his own. He was absolutely sure that the high voltage battery was bad. We turned on the scan to see some parameters in the battery module. The battery module stores several fault codes, mostly related to communication within the battery module. And it’s not too long to run a few basic tests to determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

Bernie: Well, what it basically boils down to is that the battery sits under the center of the car. Let’s get into some pictures. It’s basically a matter of unplugging things and removing the battery and putting in a new one. So there’s a Smart car, a nice little thing. A beautiful bright yellow car. It’s funny, it’s a 2014, because it looks like a new car. It’s shiny and new and has really low mileage. So there is a car.

The battery is placed under the center of the car. You can actually see the electric drive motor again here in the final drive unit, which would be the transmission. The rear of this car, where the engine is used, fits really well. So it is a rear wheel drive model. So the battery sits here. It’s a plastic plastic pan that kind of sits under the front of the car. Below are some covers.

This is a replacement battery. We bought this directly from Mercedes, which seems to be the only source for this battery at the moment. I can’t tell if this is the old one or the new one, they both look the same, but either way, the battery is there.

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Anyway, we can actually use our fuel tank adapter on the transmission to make it actually work well for EV batteries, at least in this particular case. Some of them have a special shape. As for removing other items, this is the main power connector. So that’s where the high voltage, in and out of the battery, comes in here.

And then the other stuff included, this is what I call the hood outside the car, it’s basically a plastic hood. This battery is the cooling system and therefore the coolant must be filled and properly bled under the hood. There’s washer fluid, brake fluid here, brake fluid reservoir. So basically that’s it, some vents for the passenger compartment and headlights.

So basically removing the battery is there’s the electrical connector, there’s the cooling system, and it just comes down to it, a bunch of screws. The new battery goes back in. Where is the real problem with this Mercedes battery? In other words, this is news for our store. And I mean, even for those who sell batteries at other stores, we order the battery and then we call the parts department and say, ok i don’t know if i can sell you this battery or we can take the old one. . Back Because you have to fill this out a lot, it’s a three-page form where you have to extract the code from the battery module. They are concerned about the logs from the battery module to make sure it is safe to transport.

Electric Smart Car Battery

You know, there will be no cracks in the battery case, no leakage or smoke or any damage. So it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to bring back a battery that might actually light up while being transported somewhere. So finally, after we went through all the paperwork and collected all the right stuff, tested everything, checked that the battery wasn’t really damaged or broken or anything. We can confirm that the core is safe for transit.

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So the battery is actually in this huge box. It was almost the size of a coffin and very heavy. So basically everything is installed. It’s actually a good setup from Mercedes to send the battery and move it back. But that’s basically what it boils down to. Then of course after the battery something has to be programmed for the car, which we do. And that was it. It lives again.

Bernie: To be honest with you. I do not know. But it’s a 52 kilowatt-hour battery, which is a decent-sized battery for a small car, a small light car. Actually, I don’t know. I mean we had another client with one. This looks like a car that isn’t very common.

It was only the second one we worked on and the last one had no electrical issues and only had brake noise and braking issues that we serviced. I don’t know, but I imagine it’s pretty good. It’s definitely better than the Transit Connect van we recently did a podcast about.

Mark: When you take this battery out, how much protection and special and new is it really, because you know this is new territory, even if you guys are certified in all this. When you open everything up, you probably need to make sure you don’t fool anyone. How do you maintain it? How does it all work?

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Bernie: Yes, we have special gloves. I mean, it’s something that we use, some of the time, you don’t have to use it all the time, but you just have to know when you’re disconnecting a high voltage cord to make sure we have gloves. You know, with the Prius we can really open up the battery pack. Most of them you can disassemble the battery pack. I mean, this one, actually you can, there’s a way that can be pulled off. And from what we determined from our diagnosis, there may not be anything wrong with the actual battery cells.

There are several modules inside this battery. And if something is wrong, everything is overcooked. As you can imagine, I don’t want to talk about cost, but it is expensive to replace. It’s unfortunate that one module would overwrite the entire package. Now I think over time we will probably be able to find a way to fix these individual pieces.

But the question is how do we diagnose this? How do we go?

Electric Smart Car Battery

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