Ev Charging Station Business

Ev Charging Station Business – Few workplace measures provide the same win-win situation for reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction as workplace charging programs. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are growing at a rate of 60%+ per year worldwide, thanks to rapid cost reductions, improved efficiency, and legislation encouraging the use of fossil fuels. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by 2040, EVs will make up more than 40% of the electric vehicle market!

Installing an EV charger and starting a commercial charging program is an opportunity for your business to differentiate itself by saving money, reducing operational and maintenance costs, increasing workplace efficiency, and providing superior employee and customer satisfaction.

Ev Charging Station Business

Ev Charging Station Business

Like investing in a power plant, the cost of charging an electric car is a way to show your employees and discerning customers that your business is committed to a clean energy economy. Additionally, charging for EV transfers saves energy from driving electricity back into your business budget. The Agrid-based EGallon, which is used by the United States Department of Energy to compare the cost of electricity and gasoline, is currently calculated at $1.85. Compared to US gas prices averaging $380 per gallon in 2022, that’s a lot better.

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Thanks to many federal and state incentives, switching to electricity is cheaper and more profitable than ever. Check out the Commercial EV Charging Incentive Guide for regular business updates, or visit these national resources:

Watch the full webinar, hosted by E-Mobility Director Barry Woods, on the ins and outs of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Business:

Here’s how it works – businesses install charging stations for electric cars and make them available to employees. Employees with electric cars can charge at work, increasing their driving range. By making EV charging visible and rewarding, workplaces encourage the use of EV technology – which is cleaner than burning fossil fuels – and achieve their goals.

As a free, first-rate service, ReVision Energy offers a comprehensive Electric Vehicle site inspection that consists of two parts:

Successful Ev Charging Business Models — Ev Connect

There are 3 primary types of commercial EV chargers that can benefit your business or organization: Workplace Charging, Public Charging, and Fleet Charging.

A growing number of Americans are rapidly switching to electric vehicles, or EVs – plug-in hybrid and all-electric models. In response, many businesses and small business owners are installing EV chargers, and offering employee charging incentives for employees who drive alternative EVs.

Public charging stations are popping up in the US, and tremendous progress has been made in the past few years.

Ev Charging Station Business

As of 2018, the US has about 16,000 public charging stations, and that number is growing rapidly. By comparison, there are 100,000 gas stations in all 50 states, but with EVs, most of the “fueling” is done at home or on the go. The development of a public charging network increases the driver’s battery, or allows long-distance travel.

Ev Charger Installation

By joining the trend and offering EV charging as a benefit to customers, you can increase visits to your business. Businesses that offer public charging can be registered on the free app, PlugShare, where a large market of users can easily find and explore charging stations. This directory guides EV drivers to find new businesses, like yours, that they want to support while disposing of their vehicle batteries.

.Electric cars are a good choice for fleet vehicles because 1) electricity costs about 1/2 of gasoline (and more expensive if connected to solar power), 2) cars require relatively little maintenance – no water changes, lack of brakes. , and 90% less moving parts! This means EVs spend more time on the road and less at the dealership. Switching to EVs means you can enjoy serious savings when it comes to going green.

Electric driving is clearly better for the economy and the environment than burning gasoline. However, electricity remains as clean as it is today, and in our view, a rapid transition to 100% clean energy-powered buildings is essential for our economy and the long-term health of the planet. Due to the dramatic decrease in the cost of solar panels, this change is very affordable. In fact, using solar power to charge an electric car gives the best ROI.

Like investing in electric power, investing in EV charging is a way to show your employees and discerning customers that your business is committed to a clean energy economy. The more EVs you charge at your location, the better for solar charging! Solar, like the EV market, is a technological innovation and now competes with dirty traditional fuels for everyday use.

Who Pays For Electric Car Charging Stations?

In 2022, the average price of electricity will be US$1.20 lower than the average price of gasoline. Even better, solar costs 75 cents a gallon! Combining solar with EVs will accelerate the return on investment for both, which is a very attractive power package. Drive in sunlight, save big money.

ReVision Energy’s Solar Design Specialists are unmatched in their ability to match the many features and factors that make your company unique. Based on our understanding of this information, we can help you determine which charging configuration, and the resulting power level, will work best for your business.

Perhaps you need a single car charger, or a series of two-station charging stations – we carry and install many options that can be used in many different ways. We also provide exceptional customer service throughout the process, and more.

Ev Charging Station Business

ReVision Energy has the knowledge you need, whether your service charge installation is simple or complex. To learn more about vehicle charging and solar power options, contact one of our Solar Design Specialists today to schedule your site visit.

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ReVision’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Powered by All-Electric Trucks The 20th anniversary celebration this August was powered by six Ford F-150 Lightnings, with batteries powering the stage lights, sound system, and more. EV Corner: A Tale of Two Fuels During a Weekend in Maine, with an electric car. New Hampshire’s First Dedicated EV Auto Dealership Electric cars are taking over the road, and that means drivers are looking for more places to charge. The rapid rise of EVs creates opportunities for those who want to learn how to sell them. Read how you can invest in EV charging stations and play your part in the future of transportation.

If you notice a lot of electric cars on your daily commute, you’re not alone. Sales of battery electric vehicles hit another record in the second quarter of 2022, rising to 196,788 as new vehicle sales fell 20%.

The share of electric vehicles in the US increased to 5.6% compared to 2.7% in the second quarter of 2021. Automakers are bringing new EVs to the market with more capacity, advanced technology, and zero emissions giving them a reason to switch.

According to data from the PEW Research Center, 42% of Americans say they will buy an electric car. The survey was conducted before the climate bill passed, providing new incentives to buy EVs. Most interesting is the breakdown by age group.

Benefits Of Ev Charging Stations For Your Business.

In addition, more than half of them live in cities. Although the reality is that most EV owners charge at night, many people living in cities rent them. A recent study from Harvard shows that rents in general have been falling since the mid-1980s.

Younger generations are likely to be renters, and many apartment buildings do not have EV charging stations. Almost 50% of people under the age of 30 rent, while 10% of people aged 65+ rent.

Electric vehicles are expected to account for the majority of vehicles on the road by 2030. However, the most common reason Americans (58%) say they won’t buy an EV is fear that it won’t provide enough power.

Ev Charging Station Business

Although much is being done to alleviate this fear, there are opportunities for businesses to get involved and contribute to the future of travel (and profit).

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The Biden administration has earmarked $5 billion in funding over the next five years through the NEVI program to build a national network of EV charging stations.

Car manufacturers like Tesla are also creating their own Supercharging networks to enable the freedom of drivers to go anywhere. Meanwhile, many people in the upper category (young drivers looking to buy EVs) are looking for a more convenient option for daily commutes.

For business owners, this presents an opportunity. And for those who don’t own a business but still want to get involved, there are ways for you to invest in EV charging stations.

To give EV drivers more options, you can install chargers at your business. In particular, if the customer stays for a long time, it may be worth considering. For example, a quick stop (less than five minutes) may not be appropriate, but it is different from restaurants, entertainment centers, bars, clubs, shops, small businesses, and even workplaces.

Why You Might Need A Level 3 Ev Charging Station

Installing an EV charging station is an investment in your business. As electric vehicles continue to gain market share, there are advantages

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