Flip Cell Phones For Seniors

Flip Cell Phones For Seniors – The Lively Flip phone is the perfect phone for seniors. Its emergency response capabilities make communicating with friends and family easier than ever. Pair the Lively Flip with your Amazon Alexa device (not included) to make calls, write text messages, and more. Comes with a wall charger and charging stand, as well as rear and front-facing cameras. The battery lasts up to 12 hours. Includes GPS assistance and v4.1 BLE Bluetooth connectivity.

Lively’s roaming partners have just informed us that it will be suspending international and cruise ship roaming services with immediate effect. Unfortunately, Lively devices will no longer be available on cruise ships or internationally.

Flip Cell Phones For Seniors

Flip Cell Phones For Seniors

We apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured that your device will continue to function normally in the US.

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International rates will apply if the end user uses their cell phone while traveling or to communicate with friends and family in countries outside of the United States or Canada.

While the phone is roaming on participating carriers’ networks, it can still access the networks used in selected international destinations. Customers will be charged $2/minute for each minute they call.

Since Lively runs on Verizon’s network, the phone can travel internationally in areas where Verizon offers CDMA coverage (see below). Lively cannot guarantee coverage in any of the countries listed.

Note: This does not affect customers’ ability to make international long distance calls from the US.

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