Himiway Ebike For Sale

Himiway Ebike For Sale

Himiway Ebike For Sale – I recently had the chance to rack up some miles on a Himiway Cruiser electric bike. With front suspension, big tires, a 750W motor and a battery life of days, the bike turned out to be quite a ride and performed better than I expected!

As someone whose job primarily involves riding electric bikes, I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing what question I’ll be asked when someone rolls down their window or yells at me from the sidewalk.

Himiway Ebike For Sale

Himiway Ebike For Sale

Nine times out of ten it will be: “How fast does that thing go?”, “How far does it go?” or “How much?”

Himiway Cruiser E Bike Review 2023

I can usually impress my admirer with the first two answers, although the third is usually like releasing a balloon.

However, with the Himiway Cruiser electric bike, this bike seems to perform all three quite well. A 45 km/h (28 mph) electric bike that can achieve a range of 55 to 96 km (35 to 60 miles) for just $1,399 – not bad!

First of all, the bike has excellent specifications. Although it comes from the factory with a top speed of about 22 or 23 mph (36 km/h), you can go into the settings and increase the speed limit.

This allowed me to reach around 45 km/h with a full battery, although the top speed drops when the battery is less charged. This is pretty standard for electric bikes in unlimited mode, as the speed of an electric motor depends on the voltage.

Himiway Cruiser Step Thru Unboxing, Assembly, & First Ride

The bike also has quite a long range. With a 48 V 17.5 Ah battery with a capacity of 840 Wh, the range of 55 to 96 km is really realistic. At 20 mph (32 km/h) on the accelerator pedal alone, the lower end of that range is absolutely achievable. And with moderate pedal assistance, 96 km on an 840 Wh battery is also very reasonable. Of course, if you change the speed limit and drive at full speed all the time, don’t expect the same range.

I also like the rear grill, which I think is bamboo. It resembles my Ikea cutting board in a good way. The wooden deck of the rack means you don’t have that fancy spring clamp that some e-bikes have, but you do have a few rails under the deck that you can potentially attach a couple of $5 bungee cords to and you’re good to go. .

You also get fenders, which isn’t always a given given the $1,399 price tag. Many e-bikes above this price still charge more for mudguards.

Himiway Ebike For Sale

For starters, this isn’t really a cruise ship. It’s a fat tire bike. It’s basically a knock-off of RadRover. So don’t expect it to drive like a cruiser. It’s still somewhat upright, but it’s not a beach cruiser.

Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

While there is front suspension, there is no rear suspension and therefore off-road ride quality depends entirely on air pressure. I like to let a little air out of those big tires when I’m riding on grass or trails, which makes for a more enjoyable ride for me. But when I get back on the road, my driving deteriorates and I feel sluggish and unresponsive in corners with lower air pressure. Maybe there is a happy balance somewhere, if you can find it.

Furthermore, I was never really sure that I had installed the taillight correctly. It’s not fixed, so you have to roll up the cable yourself and screw it in place. There were more holes than screws and no instructions so I just screwed it in and the light seemed to stay there so that was a good sign.

But then there’s a good foot of extra wire you don’t need that could be hanging from the rear fender, so I just wrapped it around itself and added a generous amount of zip ties to hide the unsightly rat’s nest.

In the end it was fine, but it didn’t seem like as good a solution as I expected. It felt more like I was putting together one of my DIY e-bikes, without spending a hefty amount of Benjamins on a retail e-bike that would have to deal with things like cable lengths. Or that should even give me great pleasure and

Himiway Zebra Step Thru

I understand that the headlights are mostly a DIY job since they are further forward and the front wheel is not installed to protect them in the shipping box. But the taillight? Come on guys.

While I still have my criticisms of the Himiway Cruiser, ultimately it seems like a solid deal to me.

It is a fast and fun electric bike. It has such a nice big battery in it. It’s not exactly that great at $1,399 (update: it has since changed to $1,599, but the price seems to be changing.) It has decent level components like Tektro disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed gearbox. You even get all-metal pedals instead of small plastic pedals, which are sometimes available at this price. And the bike feels well put together overall.

Himiway Ebike For Sale

I don’t expect to get the same level of support as I would from a giant company like Rad Power Bikes, but that’s part of the reason why you can save money on an electric bike like this and get more speed and power than the competition.

Dual Battery Electric Bike

Everything in life is a series of tradeoffs. And the Himiway Cruiser is no exception. But the tradeoffs seem reasonable in exchange for the bike’s better performance and reasonably good feel. So I put it in the win category.

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Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery nerd, and author of Amazon’s #1 bestselling books: DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power, The Ultimate Guide to DIY Electric Bikes, and The Manifesto. or electric bicycles.

The e-bikes Micah currently rides daily are the $999 Lectric XP 2.0, the $1099 Ride1Up Roadster V2, the $1199 Rad Power Bikes RadMission, and the $3299 Priority Current. But it’s a list that these days is evolving considerably. All Himiway bikes are covered by our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty to the original owner against all manufacturing defects (all free accessories are not covered by the warranty service). Himiway has more than 300 dealers in the United States. All dealers provide customers with free diagnostic and maintenance services.

Aventon Sinch Step Through

In case of quality problems, the customer can request replacement or return of the product within 15 days of receipt. A 10% processing fee applies, but we can avoid this for the customer if a replacement order is received. Customer is also responsible for return shipping costs of $150. Himiway will provide a return shipping label and the designated carrier will pick up the return package. The customer can also opt for automatic returns or manage the return shipment themselves.

We currently only offer FREE Shipping to the lower 48 US states and DO NOT ship to PO Boxes or APO.

The top speed of all Himiway bikes is up to 25 km/h, which is a legal requirement in the US.

Himiway Ebike For Sale

If you’re worried about range issues, the Rhino has the solution with its 1440 Wh battery capacity. The battery density has increased by 21%, from 18,650 to 21,700 cells, allowing it to travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. And are you worried about long loading times? With 2 chargers it only takes 5 hours to fully charge.

The Himiway Escape Electric Bike

The upgraded 4.5-inch tires have improved overall performance, especially on paved roads. The V-shaped design and 4.5 inch width have greatly improved the friction and puncture resistant performance. The brake test result shows that the braking distance has been shortened by 50% compared to the old tires. The V-shaped tread also ensures that water splashes to both sides instead of upwards when driving on a rainy day.

The 1000W gear hub motor provides faster acceleration, more power and better heat dissipation, making it easier to conquer even the roughest terrain.

The mid-motor with 160 Nm of torque provides an enormous amount of power when climbing hills and off-roading. Combined with torque sensors, power is released precisely based on pedal effort, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

The new LCD screen is made of sturdy motherboard and is designed with waterproof and wear-resistant properties, allowing it to function functionally under harsh conditions. This smart display can record various driving data and has been updated with some new features such as automatic headlights.

Himiway Cruiser E Bike Review: Fast, Long Range And Cheap Fat Tire E Bike!

The Rhino Pro display is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts. With its black background and green and white text, it guarantees that all figures will be visible even in the worst, darkest outdoor environments. In combination with the mid-engine, you can expect higher power but a better level of control from this beast.

Custom integrated brake light The brake light with new

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