Install Car Charging Station

Install Car Charging Station – Thinking of installing a commercial electric vehicle charging station? There’s no better time to do it: According to the Edison Electric Institute, more than 18 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the road in the United States by 2030. It is estimated that approximately 9.6 million charging points will be needed for these electric vehicles.

Installing EV stations now will enable your business to take advantage of numerous advantages and opportunities to create value ahead of your competitors. However, installing an EV charger on site is a complex task – your organization could benefit from a strategic partner like Future Energy to guide you through the process.

Install Car Charging Station

Install Car Charging Station

There are three different types of electric chargers available – level one, level two and level three. Each type has different costs and recharge capabilities. But companies prefer secondary chargers that strike the right balance between price and charging speed.

Everything You Need To Know About Home Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Level One: As a residential charging station, the Level One charger costs about $600 and uses a dedicated 120-volt circuit. With this charging station, the driver can fully charge the car at home within 24-40 hours.

Level Two: The most common type of commercial electric vehicle charging station, level two chargers have two ports that operate on 240-volt circuits. Level 2 chargers cost about $7,200 and take eight to 10 hours to fully charge a car.

Level Three: Otherwise known as direct current (DC) fast chargers, these rugged industrial stations use 480 volts of direct current to fully charge a car in about an hour. Charging equipment and infrastructure upgrades make DC fast chargers the most expensive, at around $50,000.

Choosing the right EV chargers for your business is critical. Future Energy has partnered with ChargePoint, the world’s leading network of electric vehicle charging stations, to create the next step in EV mobility solutions for businesses. ChargeParc™ is a complete turnkey environment that integrates premium ChargePoint chargers with Future Energy’s exclusive, intelligent software called Interface.

What Does An Ev Home Charger Cost?

The interface maximizes the value of data collection and management. It connects to all existing smart devices and systems in your property beyond EV charging stations. And it displays data from both environments in one visual dashboard for clear data tracking.

An interface can support a number of use cases. For example, its analytics and resource monitoring features proactively alert you when you’re approaching peak load and help you save on energy costs.

Installing a commercial electric vehicle charging station requires coordinating multiple contractors, understanding utility company requirements, and identifying available tax credits and incentives to reduce costs. That’s why working with an experienced, approved partner like Future Energy can help streamline the process and ultimately save you money.

Install Car Charging Station

Installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations begins in the boardroom with a discussion of your company’s goals and expectations. Next, Future Energy’s account managers contact your team for a site analysis, part of which includes:

Why You Should Install A Home Ev Charging Station

Infrastructure analysis is done before installations. At this stage, Future Energy’s accounting managers work with electrical contractors to prepare a one-line diagram, a one-page document that represents the distribution of electricity for your location.

In addition, accounting managers may meet with contractors to review other infrastructure requirements such as hole digging, concrete pouring, trenching, and landscaping.

Then a utility assessment is carried out. Future Energy helps your business identify and obtain grants that can cover up to 90% of the costs of building electric vehicle charging stations. These incentives include federal tax credits, state and local credits, and utility bills.

Available incentives vary widely by state and local jurisdiction, as well as by utility company. Having a partner like Future Energy familiar with the landscape is key to getting all the funding.

Ev Charging Station Installation For Commercial Parking Lots

Building the right EV charging solution for a particular location involves a number of factors. The type of EV charger – tier two or tier three in a commercial environment – ​​is key. Additionally, the environment should have a safe, well-lit, comfortable area for drivers to charge. All of these elements are combined to create a final proposal detailing Future Energy’s recommended solution for your business.

In order to receive all available incentives for an electric car charging station, your business must prepare the necessary documents to fund the project. This filing may include applications to the Environmental Protection Agency, state and local governments, or utility companies.

Once approved, it’s time to plan the project and order the necessary materials. In the field of construction, engineers complete infrastructure work: laying pipes, pipelines and electrical wiring as needed.

Install Car Charging Station

Contractors are currently installing light poles and other fixtures, installing security cameras and completing all additional construction work in and around the charging area. In addition, the software implementation team at Future Energy installs all the necessary routers and other equipment to connect all of your property’s smart devices and systems to the Interface.

The Best Home Ev Chargers And Buying Guide For 2020

Then the team conducts training on the Interface. The team shows you how to use the Interface to optimize energy management in your business and support other use cases. Finally, the utility tutorial takes place and you submit the final documents.

Installing a commercial electric charging station can be complicated if you try to operate it yourself. Future Energy offers a concierge-style service that guides you every step of the way. With Future Energy, you hire just one company to coordinate all the contractors, organize and file the relevant paperwork, and oversee the utilities. Learn how Future Energy can help your company in the process.

Sam DiNello is the CEO of Future Energy. He is an expert in the EV infrastructure space and is passionate about innovative data-driven solutions that help companies access real-time intelligence for real-time action.

EV usage is on the rise and your hotel can generate revenue with EV charging solutions for guests. Future Energy reveals the complexities and potential benefits of charging electricity for your hotel.

How To Set Up A Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station, The Fast Charging Edition

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There’s a lot of talk about smart buildings and smart businesses these days – and for good reason. Globally, the number of buildings using smart technology in their operations could increase by 156% to 115 million by 2026. The smart building uses technology that … Read more Smart Charge America expanded in Chicago, IL, and now charges electric cars and E.V. beautiful Chicago charging station installation. We provide complete turnkey solutions for residential, commercial and utility customers, three to four year warranty and future expansion opportunities. Request a free quote for an electric car charging station in Chicago and we’ll get you charged up!

Ever since the bright lights of the 1893 World’s Fair, Chicago has been known as a city of forward thinkers. There’s never been a better time to own an electric vehicle or install a charging station in Chicago. You deserve to embrace the freedom of electric vehicle ownership and enjoy the convenience of a quality charging system. As Chicago continues to build its electric vehicle infrastructure, Smart Charge America will be there to help.

Install Car Charging Station

Smart Charge America is proud to be your Tesla Certified Wall Plug Specialist in Chicago. We have installed more Tesla wall plugs than anyone else on earth! Make sure your installer has a level of experience and knowledge beyond the reach of the average electrician.

A Step By Step Guide To Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge up to 10 times faster than a standard 120V power outlet at home and energize your life! Charge up to 80% in 20 minutes using the city’s hundreds of Level 2 and Level 3 fast charging stations to get back on the road to your next destination in Chicago.

As technology has improved, prices have come down. Enjoying a fast, safe and reliable home car charger in Chicago has never been easier! The convenience and safety of refueling your new electric vehicle in your garage is one of the most attractive benefits of using an electric vehicle. Exciting times indeed!

Smart Charge America makes it easy to install electric car chargers in Chicago, Illinois. We provide a website form where you can submit information about your home and upload pictures of your electrical appliances. We’ll take it from there, including recommending a great electric car charging station and sending you an estimate. Then we come to you with the charger and an experienced electrician to install the charger. It’s easy!

Need to charge your electric car faster at home? There are smart and not-so-smart ways to charge your EV at home. More than 95% of electric car charging takes place at home – so why settle for a slow charger or poorly placed charging system? Let the team at Smart Charge America put your electric vehicle fast charger where you need it most.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Ev Charger?

Charging of electric cars is mostly done at home. Our mission is to make the process of purchasing, installing and servicing your new home charging station in Chicago as smooth and easy as possible.

Consider experts in design, planning, installation, networking, manufacturing, service and support. Let Smart Charge America deliver

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