Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station – According to the results of a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group, charging at home remains a priority. Still, as more people adapt to life with electric vehicles, many drivers are eager to see charging options outside of home and work.

Local, state and federal governments are working to expand charging infrastructure along roads, and this is an important step in reducing range anxiety. But EV charging is a huge opportunity for many companies and developers to add critical convenience, attract new customers and increase revenue streams. In fact, many of those surveyed by BCG ranked proximity to their daily commute as a top five priority for the location of electric chargers.

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

In terms of public charging locations, supermarkets and grocery stores in the U.S. ranked fourth among survey takers in the U.S., behind the obvious places of gas stations, highways and parking garages. The reason is pretty obvious: supermarkets are a regular destination for most people—sometimes several times a week. And they often spend enough shopping to get a substantial EV charge when they’re done.

Commercial Car Charging Stations

Many US grocery stores, including Kroger and Whole Foods, have already begun adding electric car chargers to their parking lots. However, the landscape of grocery locations across the country is still sparsely populated with EV chargers, representing a significant opportunity for local grocers and major chains.

Hospitality is another major industry facing huge opportunities from the growing electric vehicle industry. Especially for hotels, electric charging is no less essential. After all, a hotel is home to EV drivers while on vacation, and they need a reliable place to charge before heading out on their next adventure. Forward-thinking hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton have already developed electric charging systems with EV Connect, and more will follow.

However, hotels are not the only hospitality providers that should consider adding EV charging as an amenity. Electric car drivers spend a lot of time in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and similar places. Adding EV charging to these businesses is smart marketing to attract the growing customer base that drives EVs.

As noted in a BCG survey, home charging is a priority for electric vehicle drivers in the United States. However, not all electric car drivers own their own homes, which means they may not have the freedom to set up charging stations at home. .

Commercial Ev Charger Installation: Cost & Factors

Owners of condos, duplexes, and other apartment or multi-family buildings have tremendous potential to get ahead in this field. Although cities are rushing to offer public charging solutions to tenants, more work is needed to meet the demand. Rental properties that offer ready-to-use charging solutions can attract tenants and even add revenue by charging competitive rates to use their chargers.

Commercial property developers can also benefit from installing electric chargers. As noted above, parking garages surpassed grocery stores as the top EV charging location in the BCG survey. And for many Americans, that means parking garages at malls and other major shopping centers.

If you own commercial property and EV drivers tend to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes in your parking lots or garages, installing EV charging stations can encourage them to choose your shopping center over others in the area. Not only that, but you could attract more commercial tenants who are eager to find ways to attract an increasingly EV-driving workforce.

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Retail companies have to work hard not only with employees, but also with other companies to attract employees in a competitive environment. Recent surveys show that sustainability should be a key consideration for executive hiring, with 32% of employees saying they would refuse to work for a company that didn’t make it a priority.

Electric Car Charger Installation Costs: Tesla Shows How To Keep Prices Low

Installing EV charging for your office is one piece of the sustainability puzzle, but it’s also very visible. Plus, if your prospective employees care about sustainability, they’re more likely to choose an EV (if they haven’t already). Setting them up to recharge is an important way to show you support these efforts.

Commercial EV charging stations are an important part of the nation’s growing infrastructure. Not only that, they are a major competitive advantage for companies in all types of industries. Investing in these facilities now will help your business attract future employees, customers and tenants.

You don’t have to navigate this landscape alone, though. EV Connect makes it easy for property managers, developers and landlords to install the right EV infrastructure for all types of properties. Through our innovative and open charging platform, EV Connect simplifies the installation, management and optimization of charging stations with premium customer service, from installation to driver assistance. Consult one of our e-charging experts about your business goals and e-charging needs.

Previous Previous A guide to Massachusetts EV rebate programs Next Next Getting the missing EV fleet funding and infrastructure wrong: How not to do it In just a few years, half of all US car sales will be sales. Drivers charge faster while shopping, working, eating and playing.

Travelcenters Of America Enters Agreement With Electrify America To Expand Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Fast chargers take only minutes (versus hours) to charge, giving customers plenty of time to shop your business.

“Having fast chargers is a premium experience. The team has provided excellent support. We are happy to say that chargers can really add some value to your customers.”

Handles everything from licensing and installation to maintenance and leading customer service. Keykey fast charging with no upfront costs or maintenance costs

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Drive charging customers from the parking lot to your business with AdvantageTM! Our proprietary technology enables on-site promotions from local businesses like yours when EV drivers plug in and start charging. Reach beyond parking lot EV charging expectations with additional email marketing capabilities to 340,000+ customer accounts. See how AdvantageTM can drive traffic to your business.

Thinking Of Installing Ev Chargers At Your Business? What You Need To Know

Grocery partners including Kroger, Save Mart Companies’, Whole Foods Market, Albertsons and others agree – hosting a fast charging station makes good business sense. At no cost to our partners, the station attracts new and repeat customers who can fast-charge their vehicles up to 80% in just 30 minutes – the time it takes to shop!

Partners including Simon Property Group, Macerich and Kimco Realty know the fast charging station will attract new and repeat customers who spend money while their vehicles charge.

For free, partners like Chevron, Sheetz and 7-Eleven attract new and repeat customers who drive EVs by hosting a fast charging station — customers who spend money at your store while their vehicles charge. No need to lose customers who switched from an internal combustion engine to an electric car!

From Marriott and Hyatt to Holiday Inn, hotel partners attract new and repeat guests with a fast charging station on their property! At no cost to our partners, the station will drive higher footfall, provide valuable guest services and help our partners achieve their sustainability goals through a 100% renewable industry commitment. Contact us today to discuss hosting a station on your hotel site!

Commercial Ev Charging Station Installation — Keen Technical Solutions

Hosting a fast charging station has been proven to increase occupancy at our parking partners, including SP+, LAZ Parking, Park ‘N Fly and others. At no cost to you, the station attracts new and repeat customers who can charge their vehicles up to 90 miles in minutes, not hours – freeing up a parking space for another customer.

Did you know that electrifying the fleet can help? From light cruise fleets to heavy cargo fleets, it offers customized solutions to help companies bring their electric vehicles to life.

“We have long been committed to working with first-class partners to provide our customers with a first-class charging experience,” said CEO Cathy Zoe. “Between our shared dedication to protecting the planet and putting customers first, Meijer is a natural fit.” We look forward to building on our recent Midwest efforts to continue adding more locations to Meijer Supercenter.

Installing A Commercial Ev Charging Station

Read Article “And CBL Properties Partners to Expand Mainstream Fast Charging in Retail Spaces, Bringing Convenient Charging Facility to Shoppers”

Ev Charging Station Cost

And CBL Properties partner to expand public fast charging at retail locations and bring convenient charging facilities to shoppers

“CBL and I share a commitment to making a positive impact, and we’re excited for our partnership to expand into new territories and bring the first station to Kansas,” said CEO Cathy Zoe.

“Charge Ahead is a great partner for Colorado and our EV Plazas programs,” said Will Toure, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office. “Each of these positions represents progress toward our goal of a robust network of fast-charging infrastructure in the Capital Region and across the state — and will help deliver on the government’s commitment to take bold action on climate issues and improve air quality.” “

With over 2,000 chargers in various stages of engineering and construction across the US, we’re excited to have so many stations #ingUp. Check our hours

How Many Ev Charging Stations Should My Property Install?

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