Installing An Ev Charging Station

Installing An Ev Charging Station

Installing An Ev Charging Station – You like to drive an electric car, but you probably don’t like searching or waiting at a public charging station. You’ve probably wanted to install an EV charging station at home, but you’re not entirely sure what all the benefits will be. For the home or multi-family homeowner, the cost of installing an EV charging station and the freedom to afford it at home is increasing every day!

Here are five good reasons to install a level 2 base station in your home or rental property:

Installing An Ev Charging Station

Installing An Ev Charging Station

Almost 80% of EV drivers leave their car at home, often at night. Those who install an EV station at home tend to plug it into the car to charge at night, just like their cell phone. You don’t need the car (or the phone) while you sleep, so you can take advantage of the downtime and know you’re ready to go in the morning. Also, choosing to install an EV charging station at home saves you the time of traveling to public charging stations and waiting – sometimes hours – for an EV to have enough capacity for your needs.

Thinking Of Installing Ev Chargers At Your Business? What You Need To Know

Driving an EV is already cheaper per mile than running on gas when gas prices averaged $3.50 a gallon. However, in order to reduce costs, most people install an EV station at home and use it at night when the price of electricity is low. Conversely, those who use public charging stations tend to use more expensive electricity during the day.

In addition to providing electricity, owners of public charging stations, like all businesses, value their high costs. These costs include rent or mortgage payments, the cost of charging stations, maintenance and profits. Even public toll-free shopping malls, restaurants and other places cost you time and the fact that you’re likely to spend money while you’re inside.

Locations with Level 3 DC fast charging stations charge fees for their use. This is partly based on cost, as these inverters are more expensive than level 2. Installing a level 3 EV station often requires upgrading the house to cover their connection from 400V DC to 900 V. Also You pay a low price to be able to charge your car in about 30 minutes. Level 3 costs about 25% to 40% more than level 2.

You don’t have to worry about queuing or getting stuck while charging at nearby public charging stations if you install an EV at home. Plug in your EV when it’s convenient for you and program it to charge while you sleep, enjoying the comfort of knowing you’ll have important mileage in the morning. Your EV will undoubtedly come with a Class 1 charger that can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet in the home that the cord can reach. Although this wind won’t top most batteries, even when plugged in all night, the Level 1 wind will add up to 5 mph, which is enough for your commute. Even better, if you have a stronger Level 2 charging station installed at home, plugging in overnight can give you up to 250 miles of range, depending on the battery.

Hoa Issues/ Can They Forbid Your Ev Charger?

Fixed pricing is another predictable feature that home improvement offers. Unlike gas prices, which can fluctuate wildly throughout the year, electricity prices don’t change very often. You can find out the price of energy charges at a certain time of the day and calculate the charging costs. Toll stations are still too new to assess whether their rates will remain stable or increase during peak times such as weekends.

EV manufacturers recommend limiting the frequency of use to Level 3 chargers. Studies have found that frequent recharging can degrade EV batteries faster than lower-level chargers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take advantage of free fast charging while you’re on the road to get back on the road faster, but using level 3 fast charging has been shown to negatively impact battery life. Tesla has even programmed its cars to limit the charging speed if they are charged too often.

It also helps if you use a DC charger to only charge the battery up to 80%. Fast chargers only charge fast when the battery’s state of charge (SOC) is below 80%. For the remaining 20%, these devices slow down to avoid recharging. At this point, you’ll be paying a level 3 fee, but you’re getting a lower rate. Adding the remaining 20% ​​of the money can take almost as long as the 80% level.

Installing An Ev Charging Station

It is necessary to know the type of your battery and what is the most effective and efficient to increase its life. Not every EV battery can handle level 3 charging.

How To Choose The Right Ev Charger For You

For homeowners, offering EV charging stations is a way to differentiate your building and attract tenants. With most charging at home and many automakers planning to phase out gas-powered vehicles, homeowners will soon need to install an EV station or move elsewhere. The demand for electric vehicles will increase significantly in the next year or two.

Real estate giant CBRE noted that it believes EV charging stations will eventually become an expected destination, as will high-speed Internet. The same would apply to multi-family housing. Tenants, especially those in popular areas who are likely to buy a new car, will soon expect the ability to charge EVs in their building if they haven’t already purchased one. Owners should take advantage of the opportunity to show that they are modernizing their homes to convince tenants who want to install an EV station at home even though they live in an apartment. In addition to being more attractive to potential tenants, a building with infrastructure is likely to be worth more.

Another reason for property owners to act quickly is the availability of tax incentives in many states and cities. The federal government funds state incentives for EV sales and the installation of EV charging stations. Incentives vary by jurisdiction and even by service provided, but the benefits are significant. For example, Illinois is offering incentives that reimburse 80 percent of the cost of installing an EV charging station starting in July 2022. Connecticut also has a program that pays for Tier 2 and Tier 3 EV charging stations.

EV growth is here. You are likely to see more electric cars on the roads. If you don’t have one yet, you may have started thinking about buying one. With so many new models hitting showrooms, deciding which EV to get can be difficult.

Ev Charging Installation 101

Regardless of the type of EV you drive, installing an EV charger in your home or building will allow you to take full advantage of the joy of not having to stop for gas or charge your battery. has helped over 150,000 homeowners and property owners enjoy the benefits of installing a Level 2 Charging Station in their property. And we can help you.

Makes EV charging station installation easy for US and Canadian drivers with our unmatched network of certified installers. Our installers specialize in EV charging technology. You can start by providing information about your home and a few photos to get a preliminary price estimate. Or contact us today.

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Installing An Ev Charging Station

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Ohio Plans To Install 30 High Speed Ev Chargers Across The State

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With more and more electric cars rolling through our test fleet — including the long-awaited 2022 Mini Cooper SE — I decided it was time to install a home windshield. It is very important for me because I live in a small town in the desert, the only public wind is a level 2 device that delivers electricity at a very slow speed of 8.3 kilowatts. The last thing I want to do

Everything You Need To Know About Charging An Ev At Home

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