Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department – Deputy Jose Cerna stands in a new Madison County Sheriff’s Department uniform next to a refurbished police car, (Photo by Devese “Dee” Ursery)

After decades, Madison County Sheriff’s Department deputies are not only swapping out their old uniforms for a more modern look and function, but their vehicles are getting a new look as well.

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

The new police car look began in January this year, while officers began wearing new uniforms in July. All current Madison County deputies have changed into new uniforms. Although some of the team’s cars have already been made in the tracks, there are still some others that need to be made.

Madison County, Texas

“We wanted to allow our players the option to wear a football vest and at the same time change the look. In doing so we took several things into consideration. Our clothes “The older ones are becoming harder and harder to find. Sometimes agents would wait 6 to 9 months for pants,” Connor said.

“What we did was take the uniform that St. Louis is wearing now because it has it in stock and the uniform store in St. Louis is available for all of our needs. At the same time, the outside vest distributes the weight of the uniform on the shoulders, which saves wear and tear on the back and hips. They can also separate things like walkie-talkies, handcuffs, and other heavy things and put them on the vest.”

Connor said the plan came from a committee made up of representatives from every department in the department. The same committee also came up with the idea of ​​a redesigned MCSD patch, which gives a new look to the uniform.

“We wanted to make the plate stand out,” Connor said. “The original site had the appearance of a state police force and the committee wanted to create a plan for the county police force.”

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There are approximately 100 vehicles in MCSD’s fleet at any given time including trucks, multiple transporters, administrative and detective trucks as well as patrol cars. According to Connor 20 cars have already been reduced and some let go. He said that unmarked vehicles, transport trucks and administrative vehicles will no longer be converted into lanes.

According to Connor, cars with low mileage will be returned, while new cars will be replaced when they are purchased. He said that the department buys new fleet vehicles every ten years.

“The new look has a brighter tape and it also gives them a more modern look,” Connor said. “The voice of car crews sounded the same about 30 years ago.”

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

Connor said the goal is to have all new vehicles in the department’s fleet for the purchase within the District’s budget. The department requested and received a $100,000 grant to purchase new uniforms. These employees will use their clothing allowance for any replacement wear and tear on their uniforms.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Besides being outdated and ineffective, Connor explained other reasons for the change in uniforms and team cars.

“We wanted to update our look by bringing the department into the modern era and help our officers with their health by providing optional wearables,” Connor said. “With a well-stocked uniform store, an officer can drive to St. Louis and walk out of the store with a complete uniform instead of waiting months to get old uniforms. We also believe that the appearance of the vehicles will give us more good visibility during the day and at night with the additional reflective tape.”

Deputy Jose Cerna, MCSD said he prefers the new birthing vest to the old type of body armor because of its functionality and comfort.

“Actually, this load-bearing garment is good for taking all the weight off your hips and you can feel the difference,” said Cerna. “In my old department that’s what I had and you can just feel it in your hip. I definitely prefer the new one to the old one because of the work and everything. It goes down to the waist, so you don’t feel it anymore. aches.” HUNTSVILLE, Ala. () – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office now has a team of certified mental health officers on the streets to help people with problems.

Vehicle Crash & Offense Reports

Deputy Morris Holmes, who is now a mental health officer, said his team had noticed a serious problem in previous years.

“Our jail was full of people with mental illness, and we wanted a way to prevent that before they were incarcerated,” Deputy Holmes said.

In 2017, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office created a Crisis Response Team, a team trained to help people with mental health issues. Currently, five deputies are certified mental health officers.

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

“When you respond to someone in a mental health crisis they are at a higher level,” said Deputy Holmes. “You want to get this situation off as smoothly as possible. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to.

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Each participant attended an intensive 200-hour training course with mental health professionals. It’s a form of training to gain a knowledge of what it’s like to live with mental illness, knowledge that can mean the difference between someone getting help and going to jail.

“If someone needs to go to the hospital we can make a decision based on what we saw at the scene without going to our mental health department,” Deputy Holmes said. We can take them to the hospital or take them to the hospital itself.

“We don’t have to call a mental health worker, we have guys who are trained and know what to look for,” Patterson said. “They know what to ask for and can help deputies on the scene.” HUNTSVILLE, Ala. () – Now hiring! The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is looking to add more deputies to its department. Deputies will also soon get 49 new patrol cars.

There are currently 170 Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies who respond to accidents and crimes. As more houses are being built, there is a need for reinforcement.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office Budget Up $5 Million Over Five Years

“Right now, it’s four to seven, maybe 10 that we’re going to want to hire right now,” said Madison County Sheriff’s spokesman Brent Patterson.

Currently, there are about 730 people in the district, per deputy. Madison County Commission members want to improve the report.

President Dale Strong said, “We have a very large district, our patrol deputies are not integrated but serve the cities here in Madison County, when they are needed.

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

“The biggest problem we’ve had with these cars, with the old Crown Victorias, is that they don’t advertise,” said Brent Patterson.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office Vehicle Texture Pack

Madison County Commissioners agreed to write a big check, and replace the old cars. They will spend more than 2 million dollars.

“We have 19 that are getting ready to go on the road and we have another 30 that will be purchased soon. These cars cost $34,900 apiece. You add another $20,000 to equip the car with lights, radios, computers, cages, ” Strong said.

Deputies say they need bigger boats, because less than 35 years ago, they only had a few cars.

In 1991 when I went to work as sheriff, we only had about 10 cars in the entire department. “Each station used 10 of these cars, so at the time, we put 200 to 300 miles on each car,” said Patterson. The Madison County Service Center, shown here Jan. 27, 2021, on Oakwood Drive. and Memory Parkway is nearing completion. . (Paul Gattis | pgattis@)

Madison County Suspends Walk In Service

The new Madison County Service Center will open in late March at the southeast corner of North Memorial Parkway and Oakwood Avenue. About 400 parking spaces will be added, Madison County Commission Chairman De Strong said today.

The county’s licensing department, probate judge, tax assessor, tax collector and Board of Recorders are moving from City Hall to the 80-square-foot facility, Strong said in his annual “State of the County” at the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber. .

Strong said the facility cost the county $11.4 million with another $3 million included in materials and equipment. Included in the second figure are the necessary wiring and electronic equipment to handle the many details involved in the day-to-day business of these departments, Strong said.

Madison County Motor Vehicle Department

After the department’s move to the new facility is complete, Stone said renovations will begin at City Hall. Plans for a new, larger staircase, better access to the lobby for wheelchairs and scooters and a shake-up court to bring high-use courts to the main floor. Strong said county leaders are looking at the idea of ​​a new courthouse to replace the current one that opened on the town site in 1964. The expected cost was too high, he said.

Madison County Fire Station 11

Strong said business leaders in the district have made progress regardless

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