Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike

Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike – Electric mobility makes a lot of sense in the smallest city cars – like the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, which is still on the way. But for now, it looks like a different smart electric vehicle will come first: the smart eBike.

A smart eBike is a bicycle, but an electric, hybrid bicycle. With a 200-watt electric system that uses a 423-mAh lithium-ion battery and four different power levels, it aims to get more people out of their cars and up hills or longer distances than a regular bike. ,

Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike

Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike

Originally built on the basis of a high-speed, stable three-speed city touring bike – I have an old three-speed Raleigh, among other road/racing bikes, and the calibration feels very close to that – an eBike. The premise is to make even those who are not used to riding a bike comfortable in the first place. And instead of a conventional bicycle chain, the Smart eBike uses an oil-free carbon drive belt, so you don’t get oil stains on the bottom of your bags.

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There is no throttle grip like a scooter or motorcycle. As long as you use a low speed of rowing forward, the motor system is involved, it just helps you get a little boost, or basically its boost mode, it gets you faster than the rest. Go forward with speed. to ride

With those basics out of the way, there’s a sort of LCD control center in the middle of the handle that shows the speed and remaining charge, and lets you adjust the boost level. On a small harbor road in France, we were able to pedal well past 25 km/h (15 mph) at maximum boost. The disc brakes were also very powerful. Also lock and key included.

The problem we encountered is that if you go ‘faster’ than a certain boost setting, the powertrain actually adds resistance to your ride – even more than if you’re riding a regular bike – so if you’re experienced If you’re a fast cyclist this isn’t a good solution. The drive system can recover some power as you pedal, but we haven’t been clear (along with the company reps) about how to adjust/monitor/control this depending on the assist levels.

A tablet-based navigation system, smartphone integration, and a USB interface for accessories such as seat bags are also available. Smart says the bike can go about 62 miles on a charge in its low-boost mode — but again, you’ll be going very slowly at that rate. Estimate about 15 miles on that high boost setting. And it charges overnight from a household plug (we think 110V is almost too fast).

The Smart Ebike Design Tour Visits Barcelona Design Week

The price tag for the Smart eBike — which is distributed in Europe now and may come to the US later this summer through Smart dealerships — is a little shocking: 2,849 euros, or about $3,700. But because Smart says it has pedals, you don’t need a driver’s license or insurance.

That’s still a pretty high amount of extra pedal power – especially considering that for the same budget, you can get a used NEV like the GEM or ZAP, or the Hafeez range.

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Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike

I agree to receive emails from Green Car Reports. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. The DTM drivers of the Mercedes Group now have a sporty and efficient way to get around the dock. The new smart eBike models were presented to the racing drivers at the DTM race at the Oschersleben Motorsport Arena. For the first time, the smart brand is offering three models based on the smart ebike – Orange Edition, Comfort Edition and Black Edition. All three variants boast different colors, clearly advanced features and very attractive prices.

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“Making supercars more special – that’s the beauty of the DTM. Smart has done the same thing with three eBike models”, Mercedes AMG DTM pilot Paul di Resta said with a wink as he accepted the eBike. booth. Two wheels!”

The Smart eBike Orange Edition is available from the end of March. The eBike is a real design highlight with its attractive paint job in flame orange, seat in dark/flame orange and accent trim parts (eg bottom bracket, handlebar and handlebar) in flame orange. The price of the ebike is also very attractive at €2,499[1].

Like the regular model, the Smart eBike Comfort Edition is available in two different colors Crystal White with Electric Green trims or Matte Dark Gray with Flame Orange trims. The standard features have been clearly improved: The suspension fork, the comfortable saddle and the high handle make this smart ebike version particularly comfortable to ride. The Smart eBike luggage rack with extender makes it easy to carry luggage. The Smart eBike Comfort Edition with its extensive equipment package will go on sale in June at a price of €2,899. The Smart eBike suspension fork and the Smart eBike luggage rack with extender are also standard features of the sporty Smart eBike Black Edition. It will be available in June. The most impressive feature of the version with a price tag of €2,899 is the color contrast: the matte black frame contrasts with the accent trim parts in flame orange and the seat in black/flame orange.

With a unique design that matches the style of the product, functions suitable for city use and high technology levels indicated by a highly efficient and high drive package among other features, the Smart eBike has a prominent position. High quality components ensure flexible, safe and fun cycling. For example, hydraulic disc brakes from Magura are fitted front and rear. Standard features include LED headlights with daytime running lights and 26″ wheels – both of smart ebike design. The e-bike is equipped with Continental EcoContact Plus tires. Because of the extra power they can’t pierce particularly well. The drive is also of the highest quality, with a fully adjustable belt and oil-free carbon toothed instead of a conventional bicycle chain.

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Smart’s high technical standards are also reflected in the efficient and highly efficient drive package. The smart eBike in the form of a pedelec (electric mobility bike) is actually a hybrid vehicle: the electric motor – an adjustable rear hub motor from BionX – turns on like a normal bike as soon as the rider starts riding it. Is it. Muscle power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a lubricant-free belt drive, which is strong and quiet. An integrated three-speed gear hub enables easy gear changes.

The smart eBike rider chooses the help of electric motor power to power the muscles of his accessory by pressing a button on the handle. There is a choice of four power levels, with the fourth level providing greater thrust. A battery charge can last up to 100 kilometers depending on the selected power level and cycling style.

The lithium-ion battery with 423 Wh is one of the most powerful batteries in the competition area. Attractively integrated into the smart ebike frame. Portable batteries can be charged from a standard socket or while riding, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits. When the rider applies the brakes the wheel hub motor becomes a generator. The braking energy is recuperated, i.e. converted into electrical energy and stored in the smart eBike’s lithium-ion battery. eBike Performance Types: Class 1 = 20 mph or 25 km/h pedal assist only, Class 2 = includes throttle operation, Class 3 = 28 mph or 45 km/h top speed, Other

Mercedes Benz Smart Ebike

The physical structure of the frame. Hi-step is strong and light but long, medium step is strong and easy to stand on, pass is more accessible but can bend and weigh more.

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The width of the tires used on a bicycle may be listed in centimeters or millimeters, this may include several tire sizes.

Machines that use electronics that make the movement, hub motors are built directly into the wheels and provide a single gear ratio, mid-drive interface with chains, belt or shaft and use the drivetrain to improve efficiency.

The power rating is obtained by multiplying the voltage by the amp hours i.e. 36V * 10ah = 360wh

The circular part that connects the front hub to the tire, which includes the spokes or arms and the rim

Daimler Gets In On The Electric Bicycle Game With Smart E Bike

A rubber construction that fits over the wheel, usually containing an inner tube filled with air, that provides traction for the rider and the traction of the eBike.

The interface that the rider interacts with to change gears may be a lever, a twist mechanism, or an electronic

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