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Mobile phones are closely related to our lives. Now, whether we are sitting, eating or walking, as long as we have time, we spend all our time with mobile phones. Then there is the problem of shame. Mobile phone can play unlimited, battery, battery power. It always breaks down and we can’t keep the phone charged all the time, especially when we are waiting for the train or the plane, we always spend time with the phone and the car is a long time. What if the phone runs out? What should I do when I want to contact you?

Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

For many travelers who travel long distances by high-speed trains and airplanes, during the waiting and pick-up process, when the mobile phone does not have power, it will be boring and many things will be lost in the air. Herr For this reason, the passengers of the high-speed train are worried and want a passenger.

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When necessary, while improving the level of service, we will continue to improve the hardware and provide development ideas for better revenue generation. Advertising has launched a mobile advertising machine for products that can meet different levels of demand. The electronic screen can display various information, and the mobile phone charging point can solve the problem that the mobile phone has no power.

In the high-speed train or airport, you can use your 42-inch mobile phone to load the LCD display machine to facilitate the loading of customers. So instead of waiting for the community, they put it on the machine to load and it’s not safe? Advertising has developed a new advertising mobile phone charging machine, which can not only display advertising, mass charging, but also can be placed in the lock for charging​​​​​​​​​​​​ and security updates.

Mobile phone charging station rental is an innovative product that combines digital lock, phone charger and advertising display as “three-in-one”, so that people can charge and lock their mobile phone for theft, they can stay there. watching a commercial video or going to buy a newspaper, coffee or hamburger.

This mobile phone charging machine in general With remote control can be used as an LCD screen, it is mainly aimed at self-service mobile phone charging in unattended or semi-attended positions. such as tourism, healthcare, hospitals, restaurants, financial services, shopping malls, universities, airports, gas stations, train stations and other public places.

Neotrixqi, Cell Phone Wireless Charging Station, Multifunctional Cleaner Box

1. 9 doors with standard charging cabinet 3 in one cable. Charge almost all mobile phones in the market, including iPhone series, Android phone and other small USB devices.

2. Charging for 15 minutes can charge about 30% of the power (specific charging error due to the phone model, battery quality and power consumption and certain differences);

3. On the LCD digital screen of the mobile charging station, you can play various information, such as various information, clock, weather forecast and train time of express train or airport.

Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

4. Custom locks. There are four types of locks that you can choose from, such as padlocks, combination locks, pin locks, and slide card locks (optional). They also provide a safe environment for mobile phone charging.

Best Usb Charging Station 15 Port Charger Station Multi Device Charger Universal For Iphone Cell Phone Android Tablet

Modify the ad content as per your requirement. Support switch for different signals (for example: HDMI, VGA, AV); Test, plan fast: Help your ad convert easily while showing more ads.

This 42-inch LCD screen Digital Signage with secure locks and remote charging system is mainly designed for self-service mobile phone charging in unattended or semi-attended locations.

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Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

Elevate your business with LED retail displays. Enhance your product visibility with LED retail displays. Create an engaging marketing environment and drive customer engagement.

Wireless Charging Explained: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Find out how Elevator LCD Digital Signage turns elevators into attractive advertising platforms. Entertain passengers with engaging content and generate additional revenue for lift companies. Embrace interactive advertising and take your marketing strategies to new heights!

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Long Awaited Common Charger For Mobile Devices Will Be A Reality In 2024

Elevate the elevator experience with LCD digital signage Enhance the elevator car environment with advanced LCD digital signage solutions. Attract travelers with dynamic visuals, real-time information and targeted advertising. Enhance their experience and enhance your brand!

I would like to further discuss this partnership with Elevator Manufacturers and explore the possibilities of integrating our Elevator LCD digital billboard screen with their elevators. We believe that our cooperation can bring great benefits to both our companies.

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Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

Copyright © 2008-2023 HAIWELL (GZ) ADVERTISING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD All rights reserved. Site map | Privacy Statement | Terms of Service Instead of traditional advertising methods, use our phone charging stations to deliver advertising directly to consumers. Now you can support our shows with your brand and build real relationships in the businesses that have our charging stations. 3 In 1 Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Wireless Charger For Magsafe Charger Stand Greenlemon Fast Wireless Charging Station For Iphone 14 13/12 Series Apple Watch Airpods With Led Lamp 18w Adapter Black :

Provides a basic phone charging service and can be found in all types of businesses – from bars and restaurants to stadiums and arenas.

Our stations are placed in high traffic areas to ensure your message reaches your audience.

“I was looking for a new way to advertise my company when I came across this. I decided to give it a try and the response has been amazing! I am always happy with their service and their clean and effective ads.”

“Traditional display advertising was very expensive and didn’t seem to be very effective for my type of advertising. Digital display ads allowed me to show my ads in different types of stores on different screen sizes.”

The Future Of Ev Charging Could Be Mobile

“I was able to target specific types of stores and find the right audience for my ads with the right marketing. Not to mention, it’s much cheaper than other advertising options. Overall, I’m very happy with it and highly recommend it. ” I recommend it to anyone looking to advertise.”

Once payment is received and ad design approved, it takes 5 business days for the ad to be posted. The seller is away until September 25, 2023. Add this item to your watch list to track it. The seller is away until September 25, 2023. Add this item to your watch list to track it.

Estimated Thursday, September 28th and Monday, October 2nd to 60602 Delivery time is calculated by our proprietary method based on the buyer’s proximity to the item’s location, the shipping service selected, the seller’s shipping date and other factors. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

Mobile Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

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