Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor – Today I will write about Nonda Zus. This little Bluetooth gadget plugs into your car’s OBD2 port and can scan for problems.

Nonda Zus is a program driven system. All you need is a smartphone and you are ready to diagnose car problems.

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

It is designed to be permanently connected to your vehicle’s OBD2 port (the port where a mechanic connects diagnostic equipment to scan your vehicle’s fault codes).

How Do I Install The Zus Vehicle Health Monitor Mini?

The Nonda Zus comes in a small cardboard box with product images and specifications printed on it. The outer box measures 10.0cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm and weighs 25g.

Inside the box, you will find the following: 1x Car Health Monitor, 1x Housing, 1x English User Manual (sort of).

You need to snap the cover on the car monitor connector. I think the reason for the separation in the packaging is to take full advantage of international shipping rates for large letters. But when exposed, it gives you a sneaky look at the internal circuitry.

When assembled, the Nonda Zus measures 5.0cm wide x 2.5cm high and is 2.0cm deep.

Jual Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini (gen 4)

If I tell you to start using Nonda Zus, all you have to do is download the app and connect the monitor to your car, will you believe me? Well, you should because it literally is.

The first thing to do is download the ZUS app (free) from the Google or Apple app store.

This port can be located literally anywhere in the vehicle. Since 1996, most cars have had an OBD2 port located somewhere. Your best bet is to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or simply do a Google search for your vehicle. I have a Vauxhall Zafira and the port was located in the center console and I had to remove the panels.

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Once found, you will need to connect the Nonda Zus to the OBD2 port, making sure you have connected correctly. You can’t insert the socket upside down or anything, but if you try to put it in the wrong way, you can damage the Nonda Zus pins, your OBD2 port, or both.

Restored Nonda Zus Smart Car Hub Fast Charger, Black (refurbished)

Once connected, you need to start the engine, open the app and configure the Nonda Zus. To do this, you need to enter the VIN number of your vehicle. This is an alphanumeric number unique to your vehicle. You can usually find this number on the inside of the driver/passenger door, in the engine compartment, on the dashboard when looking through the windshield, or even printed in the vehicle owner’s manual. You need to enter this number in the application. Once accepted, search and find the Zus car monitor. You can add additional information about the car, such as odometer reading, car make, model, year, etc.

You can then have your vehicle inspected. Fortunately (and surprisingly to me), no problems were found in my vehicle. Nonda Zus will do a lot of research related to the transmission, clutch, fuel system, electronic control unit, engine, power steering, brakes, ignition and many sensors and electrical circuits. Basically anything that can cause the dreaded orange engine light.

If you have a problem, you can take a closer look and even have the option to remove a fault code from your vehicle. This is what the mechanic instructs you to do.

That’s not all, if you leave it connected, you will be able to produce analytics that relate to your driving style. This data shows you speed, revs, temperature reading, mileage (great for recording business/personal vehicle usage).

Nonda Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Have you ever parked your car and lost it in the parking lot? To be honest, everyone has! You can also find your car with the app. This is thanks to the precise GPS system, which not only locates your vehicle, but also allows you to record your exact location on the GPS network, which is ideal in emergency situations. In addition, the app has an emergency section, in this area you can find hospitals, police stations and roadside assistance companies.

But to use all these features, you need to leave the Nonda Zus permanently connected to the OBD2 port. Obviously this can cause battery problems. Nonda says the Zus draws 5-8mA for proper operation. This is difficult to transfer to your individual vehicle. But I suggest if you don’t plan to use your car for a week or more, unplug the Nonda Zus just to be safe.

Nonda offers a premium package that includes tire care, roadside assistance, etc., but honestly, the free version is perfect for everyday use. You also receive a weekly email (can be turned off) from Nonda that shows your driving style (or the driving style of other vehicle drivers) which is great.

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

As of 21/08/2020, the Zus car monitor is currently free (normally £59.99) and the app is also mostly free (as explained above). The only charge is postage for the Zus which is currently £8.73, I also received my Nonda Zus in 7 days!

Zuhmbkbtv Smart Vehicle Health Monitor User Manual Nonda Obd Manual 1 No Nda

I am very impressed with the Nonda Zus OBD2 Car Monitor. Especially FREE! This is an amazing gadget that will save you money and give you peace of mind while driving. I am forever worried that something is wrong with my car, so this little car gadget takes the worry out of driving.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on the free promotional offer, Nonda Zus is still a bargain at £40.99 on Amazon. You can spend more than an hour of mechanical work load!

I bought this product myself and decided to write a review. Nonda did not send me the product and was not aware of this review prior to publication.

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Last Chance To Claim Your Free Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

All available items are in stock and will be shipped the same day. The order must be placed before 5 o’clock

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Nonda exists to provide smart solutions that make everyday life easier for everyone. We believe that software-enabled devices can improve the lives of people around the world, including car drivers around the world. With our industry-leading connected car devices and application expertise, we now bring the convenience and safety benefits of the connected car to drivers of all vehicle types at an affordable price.

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

The promise of the Nonda brand is based on simplicity, quality and accessibility. We strive to offer products that are easy to install and easy to use. Your connected lifestyle should work seamlessly throughout the day, helping you when you need it, how you need it. In addition, Nonda products are designed and built to the highest standards, so you can count on them to last and become even more useful over time as new features are added to the program. In fact, our products have been recognized with prestigious iF and Red Dot design awards. Finally, nonda strives to bring advanced technology that is accessible to everyone, not just those who might buy a new car every few years.

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Don’t you hate it when your check engine light comes on? Sometimes it’s something major that needs a major overhaul, but often it’s something simple. Finding out what’s going on (and whether you can fix it yourself) usually means a trip to the mechanic; more often than not, they are going to charge you to connect your car to their diagnostic machine, even if no repair is done! The Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini can help, and you can get it for free – you’ll pay the shipping cost.

Four years ago, I reviewed the Nonda ZUS Smart Car Finder and USB Charger; it comes with many more features than usual – including automatic car search, parking time alarm, mileage log, the ability to share your parking space and a battery health monitor. After introducing the $59.99 ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini, what can it do

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini is a plug-and-play device that, once installed, can automatically record your trips (and easily export them to IRS-compliant reports at tax time), monitor the health of the engine with real-time alerts, scan your trips. car and read the fault codes every time the check engine light comes on (each car fault code comes with complete diagnostics and a simple self-repair video tutorial), clear the fault codes after solving the problem, analyze your driving habits, help you monitor and log

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