Smart Car Electric Range Extender

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

Smart Car Electric Range Extender – If the 200-plus range offered by the Renault Zoe EV isn’t enough for long-distance journeys, clip on a 60kW charger to double the electric output. French start-up EP Tender hopes to participate in the proposed line of electric vehicles. After years of offering internal combustion charging trailers, the company is back at the drawing board.

Segard believes the option will give buyers a more affordable choice of short-range electric vehicles and allow drivers to plug in trailer chargers while on the road occasionally if they want or don’t want to stop. charging.

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

Consider it a low-cost alternative to battery replacement. Chinese EV companies are still trying to do this, but the idea is dead in other markets.

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EP Tender wants to rent trailer banks in major tourist destinations. Truck drivers would stop, automatically load the trailer, and minutes later, they were on their way from the station to their destination or to the next trailer change.

EP Tender expects to pay approximately $37 in trailer rental fees. The company says it can make the economy work. A car trailer costs about $11,000,000. By 2024, 60,000 profitable customers will rent 4,150 trailers. Current prototypes use a 36.5kWh pack, but the aim is to offer a 60kWh version in five years.

An extra battery is a good idea in theory. But this is almost impossible. First, car companies will need to develop automotive-grade capabilities to provide reliable means of trailer charging when EVs are in motion.

One of the main reasons Better Place failed was the failure of many car manufacturers to agree on a common battery standard. Renault was the only major automaker to try.

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France-based EP Tender said it is in talks with Renault and PSA to pull the batteries and connect them to the cars. Until then, the company says it can sell existing models for around $650.

EP Tender claims to have solved the technical problem of connecting the marketed product to the cart and creating a local electric power flow for the vehicle from the additional battery. The technical hurdles to doing this safely are enormous.

In 2013, EP Tender released its first long-distance trailer. At that time, the company used combustion engines to generate power. About 20 of those trailers are being used by people driving Renault Zoes and Kangoo electric cars, according to Automotive News.

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

The battery trailer concept is a long shot at best. Fast charging has come a long way since EP Tender first offered gas powered boosters. We admire the innovative strategies offered to make EV travel practical. We expect the market for powerful electric vehicles to grow in the coming years.

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But advances in batteries, long-range electric cars and charging infrastructure make aftermarket products increasingly questionable.

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Bradley writes about electric cars, autonomous vehicles, smart homes and other technologies that are changing society. He contributes to The New York Times, SAE International, Via Magazine, Popular Mechanics, MIT Technology Review, and others. That’s… actually a difficult question to answer in one sentence. It’s called Dock + Go, and from the name alone, it can be anything from an old-school iPod dock to a bike-sharing system. As you can see, this is not a thing, it is not an expectation.

It’s not a trailer, at least not in the traditional sense. As the name suggests, the cabin is a “park” for the car, but Rinspide worries that it’s “bundled like a bag” to the existing vehicle. It’s… reliable. Especially when you consider that the harness (stop beating your back) is really strong (you’ll get kicked out if it wobbles) and gives juice to the electric battery in the car (goes out). Fortunately, in addition to being more believable, you actually look like you’re using a bandage, which opens up new opportunities for bandage jokes.

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Oh, and that’s an added bonus. See, there’s a “space package” that fills the space between the axles, and there’s a “power package” that connects the motor. You can buy two bolts, one for range extenders and one for portability only.

In short, the Dock+Go could be a range-extending, bulk-carrying, cargo-carrying clip for already-ready electric city cars, starting with… He nailed it there.

Basically the idea of ​​an extended electric car. Well, like a generator trailer. The idea is not new. Of course, no car company that hasn’t made a big splash in the market has implemented this concept in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

But the Fisker Karma and Chevrolet Volt came out the same year as the Dock+Go, both of which had series hybrids, and Rinspeed’s guiding principle is that the battery powers the car, just as the battery powers the engine. . The BMW i3 REx followed the same concept two years later, adding extra space and eliminating range issues.

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OK, so it sounds like you’re predicting a bit of the future, but that wasn’t the question, was it? Blame (or thank) improvements in battery technology and infrastructure to offset current losses in range extenders. If the range extender is a bit of a stretch, the following sentence won’t ease your fears—Mazda will soon be pairing the MX-30 with a battery-powered rotary range drive.

What about the car? Yes. It makes more sense. Why would you want our number, especially if you sat inside last year scoffing at the cream?

So the four-wheeled bit has 33 hp from an asynchronous motor and gets 100 V from an 18 kW battery. Tesla is not. It has 119 Nm but weighs 880 kg. Just don’t rush: 0-to-6-second acceleration figures from … um, 50 km/h. No. 100 out of 100, we’re guessing in part because the momentum is as slow as the second quarter.

By adding power, extending the range, and operating the bolt, zero to 100 was a matter of 13 seconds. Will rate this as one of our long term relationships! Is there anyone there? ? No? So later. The top speed is up to 145km/h, the range has increased from 97km/h to 90km/h, and Esso will continue to accept your credit card at European speed limits. And not just the Germans.

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Some of you may be wondering how to increase the speed if it’s just a booster like the BMW i3. It’s not – a 70-horsepower 1.0-liter engine with a five-speed manual transmission. CS that docks boats: Four-wheel-drive, six-wheel-drive hybrid…

Well, it’s a concept car, so you’re not entirely sure what “working” means. But in all the media and official records, it doesn’t move much. It did little more than sit on the podium at the Geneva International Motor Show, with “Swiss Auto Show Cars” and “Cars from Switzerland” overlapping slightly in a Venn diagram. So I’m going. no. Burden of proof etc.

Because it’s left-brain (and rabbit-brained) creator Rinspide, and the motoring world would be even more boring without him. It’s a boring place, often confined and restricted by convention and conservatism.

Smart Car Electric Range Extender

Unlike most other industries, automakers are forced to bridge the gap between the unremarkable and the ultra-avant-garde. Citroen, for example, managed to think outside the box. Toyota’s reputation for making boring cars, however perfect it may be, will take more than a hot hatch to fix.

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So there’s a bucket of ice water over Rinspeed’s head, and he’s been conditioned to wait for generations of unknown groups whose public figures occasionally defy convention and conservatism.

Because it was Rinspeed who created the left brain and the rabbit brain. As we say in the motoring world, new things are more punishing than old ideas.

Plus, it’s a nightmare smart car. It just won’t last.

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