Smart Car For Sale New

Smart Car For Sale New

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In 2008, when I was still in the development phase, I really liked the Smart Fortwo. I liked the small car so much that I proudly announced at the school lunch table that the Smart was my dream car. Although I laughed, I continued to dream, and to this day the car is close

Smart Car For Sale New

Smart Car For Sale New

One on my list is the Smart Crossblade. This car is one of the few times an automaker puts a concept car into action with minimal changes. The Crossblade is a rare car, built in over 2000, and even rarer here in the US. But you can buy this Crossblade for sale 2002 Cars & Bids and own one of the wildest cars ever put on the market.

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Smart was founded in 1994 as Micro Compact Car AG and came to market in late 1997 with the City Coupé (renamed the Fortwo in 2004). However, one could say that its history dates back to the 1970s. Mercedes-Benz began testing the concept of a two-seater, economical car in 1972. Nothing came to production, but the automaker continued to test the concept in the 1980s. A notable example is the concept of Mercedes-Benz NAFA 1981, looks like what a Smart might have looked like in the 1980s.

At that same time, the 1980s, engineers from a wide variety of industries were working on their own innovations. Elmar Mock, Jacques Müller and Ernst Thomke invented the clock. His company Swatch falls under the umbrella of SMH, headed by businessman Nicolas Hayek. Hayek loved what Swatch (short for “Second Watch”) was doing in the watch world and felt that such an idea was sorely lacking in the automotive industry. The Swatch watch was not only cheap, but also stylish, modern and timeless. Hayek is set to create the so-called Swatchmobile, a custom, modern hybrid or electric vehicle that will cost $10,000.

Today we know that Smart is a division of Mercedes-Benz. As of 2019, half of it belongs to Geely. But that was not always the case. Hayek first chose Volkswagen to make his car a reality. Unfortunately, when Ferdinand Piëch became CEO of Volkswagen in 1993, the Swatchmobile was abandoned in favor of the Volkswagen Lupo 3L.

I’ve always wondered what a Volkswagen-built Smart would be like. Thanks to a 2001 article by Brand eins Online, a German business magazine, we now know that the Swiss engineers at Smart were not happy with what Volkswagen was doing. It is said that Hayek’s Swiss team felt that Volkswagen’s first development was to design something that looked like a mourner:

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While Swiss researchers, especially Daniel Ryhiner and Marc Frehner, insisted on other ideas, the VW management supported the traditional ideas of their employees from Wolfsburg. Who should make the decision? Frehner says the VW folks apparently had in mind a car whose “only innovation was to offer two seats instead of four.” “That thing is not really sold.”

Hayek was shopped around by everyone from Fiat to General Motors before finding a new home at Daimler-Benz AG in 1994. Mercedes-Benz liked the concept of a modern car inspired by the Swatch design, but changed a lot of the design.

The new hybrid-electric engine concept will be dropped, as will the Swatchmobile name. According to Brand eins Online, the Swiss development team said: “Today’s petrol-powered Smart is a product of Daimler-Benz and has nothing to do with the plans of the former Swatch team.” According to the statement, the Swiss team abandoned the project after the Volkswagen Mercedes-Benz was abandoned on the road.

Smart Car For Sale New

Despite the development, Mercedes-Benz managed to successfully launch the MCC City Coupé. In 2000, the MCC plant in Hambach, France, was fully operational, producing approximately 100,000 vehicles per year. Small cars were very popular in Europe and the company was looking for new opportunities to expand.

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In 1999 and 2000, Smart launched a design study and later a street concept car. And in 2001, Smart appeared at the Motor Show with another amazing car. According to a press release, the Smart Crossblade concept was intended to demonstrate how the “Minimize to the Max” philosophy can be applied to a variety of vehicles.

The concept of Crossblade started as a city changer. Then Smart designers removed the glass, removed the fabric upper system and provided a weatherproof system. Smart’s signature Tridion Cell has been given a unique shape and spin on the Crossblade.

The plastic body of the car has also been changed. It may have changed, but Smart has actually built a new car. Although the car was already doing the usual Smart stuff, some parts of the Crossblade were produced.

Perhaps the best thing about the Crossblade is that Smart builds have the opportunity to implement it. And based on the overall response, Smart decided to build 2,000 of them.

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In another unusual departure from the norm, the production Crossblade seems to be different from the concept. Small changes include some design elements and the deletion of LED headlights, but the production version is very close to the concept.

Being an open-top car without a roof, Smart has given the Crossblade unique interior features not found in other Smart cars. The seats are waterproof and the interior is weatherproof. Additionally, this is a vehicle that you can push off the ground with water. Smart kept the HVAC system but moved the vents down the line.

If you don’t want to get back into your Smart Crossblade and sit on a wet seat, these cars have a protective cover on the front.

Smart Car For Sale New

Power comes from a 600cc turbocharged Mercedes-Benz M160 Suprex mounted under the hood. Normally that gives 60 hp in other Smarts. For the Crossblade, Smart turned to Mercedes-Benz Brabus to give it an extra 10 ponies and 79 lb-ft of torque.

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Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. Yes, it’s a transfer that many of you may not like. While the engine only displaces 1,600 pounds, it still takes more than 10 seconds to reach 60 mph. The top speed is 84 kilometers per hour, so you can drive on the roads if you want. However, since this is the first Smart, there are probably some issues that you should be aware of. The 600cc engine is known to require a thorough overhaul before 100,000 kilometers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that. The odometer reading is only 950 miles. In fact, this car has driven so little that it still has the original 2002 tires. It was clearly more of a collector’s item than a car.

Smart didn’t want to build more than 2,000 of these, and this car is 1,232. At launch, the model cost 21,000 euros, almost twice what the City Cabriolet Passion costs. It’s unclear if Smart sold all 2000s, but it is known that none were officially sold in the United States. Since this one is for sale, I know of at least seven of them in the US.

And starting in 2027, you will be able to import your own without having to comply with the import rules. It is unclear how this one got here. This means it has a clean Florida title so you can drive it if you want.

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Cross-Circulation of Vehicles & Bids. Another was sold by the Petersen Museum for $37,000. Doug DeMuro reviewed this car and it’s still my favorite video. Bidding is already heating up for this low-end model. The current bid is $25,222, six days before the Car Auction & Bids begin. If you want, you should also bid on Doug DeMuro, so I hope this will be an interesting auction. Hey Doug, if you win, can I take this thing?

Driving with the Smart Fortwo has completely changed my life. Smart’s latest electric powertrain is good but not quite as popular, as the Brabus once-developed twin-turbo V6 Smart reached 60 MPH in six seconds, but you can’t beat it.

Mercedes is a lifelong fan of all things motoring. When he’s not driving one of his five Smart Fortwos or 14 other cars, you can find him in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 or perhaps swimming in any accessible body of water. He also has a passion for buses of all kinds. Please

Smart Car For Sale New

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