Smart Home Lighting Control System

Smart Home Lighting Control System – A traditional lighting system is present in every “Magic” house. Each light is physically connected to a 230 volt cable, if you want to change where the light is controlled you will need to run a new 230 volt cable from the light to the new switch. A conventional lighting system is best with two or three-way switching, as well as a dimmer to adjust the amount of light to suit each light.

The next step up from the traditional lighting system is the Retro-Fit smart lighting system. Here, conventional 230V light switches are replaced by a “smart switch” called a “keyboard”. These keyboards contain tiny electronics that allow you to talk wirelessly with your smart home system and use advanced logic like “Lighting Scenes” (mood lighting). A lighting scene can enable multiple lighting schemes with a specific brightness level. The main advantage is that you can now use any Light, new wireless or indeed Smart, TV, sound, heating, alarm, the list goes on. While this is a good solution for homes with a Retro Fit system, if a new home or complete renovation is possible, a Bus Wire smart lighting system should be installed.

Smart Home Lighting Control System

Smart Home Lighting Control System

The best solution for smart lighting is the “Bus wire” system. All Smart Keypads have a bus wiring system wired to a central point, all 230 volt sockets are connected to a central point and both wires are wired to Smart Smart Packs. Above them. Since the smart keyboard is physically wired, reliability is guaranteed and any smart ‘Time Events’ are always accurate.

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There are also a variety of bus wiring systems available from manufacturers such as Crestron, Lutron, Control4, and C-Bus. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it should be noted that if you choose a “manufacturer specific lighting system” you can use their control system, eg Control4 Lighting Control4. Smart home system. Here, in some cases, it pays to use the “Standard” smart lighting system.

There are several standards in smart lighting, Dali and KNX being the main ones. The advantage of using a bus-wired lighting system is that it is “Standard” and you can use it with any Control System, a good example of this is KNX Lighting with the Control4 Smart Home System.

Our recommendation for a smart lighting system will always be the “Bus Wired” system from KNX for many reasons. The main reason is that it works independently of the management system and has more than 400 manufacturers for every imaginable product, so architects and interior designers can work to maintain the appearance of the property. When you finally come home with bags of groceries in hand. You force the door open, and now you’re elbowing your way through the lights, wandering around in the dark. It’s late at night, you step through the bedroom door with every step. Or maybe it’s late in the evening and you want to read a book with a couple of low-open bourbon for a high-class relaxed feeling.

Beauty is an important part of home interior design. They determine where we are and how we feel. You can easily spoil a romantic dinner with laboratory-like LED lights.

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So whether you’re outside or at home without leaving your bed, the smart lighting control system lets you find the light when you need it most. This keeps you from choosing the type of light you plan to use indoors. It could be a light strip for a late-night ride home, or an orange instead of a movie, or no fun at all.

After all, there’s no better reason to make your home’s lighting controls smarter. Here’s why and how to get started.

Lighting isn’t just good for your home. It’s not just light bulbs and switches. An aesthetic that creates the perfect moviegoing experience for your family, inspires a lively gathering of guests, adds cheer to the holiday season, and even sets the mood for date night.

Smart Home Lighting Control System

A smart lighting control system allows you to control your home lighting via smartphone or wall panel. Smart lighting is a way to control the lighting in your home and change colors and shades by turning off the lights one by one in each room.

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● Centralized lighting: This option is used for houses under new construction or major renovations. It connects the lights to a central location, hard-wired to connect to the smart home controller, which is the brain of the home automation system.

● Wireless lighting: This second option is mainly used for retro-fitting. You use the same wiring for your current lights. However, regular buttons will be replaced by a smart button or keyboard, which then communicates wirelessly with a smart home controller.

Not only in terms of convenience, but there are also advantages to building such technology. Switches, dimmers and keypads are designed to match your decor and blend into your home. Finally, you can say goodbye to four or more banks with boring buttons stuck on your walls. By automating HDL lighting control, you need a unique keyboard to control multiple lights and other smart functions in multiple rooms.

The possibilities for adding smart lighting to your home are almost endless. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Fluorescent lights, cigarettes, bedside lamps, reading lights – Turning each of these lights on and off is easier said than done. With Smart Lighting, you can combine multiple lighting controls into predefined scenes. In other words, you can create perfect lighting for cooking, eating, watching TV, and more. You can also set a scene to turn off all lights when it’s time to go to bed.

Do you remember the pizza delivery scene? Kevin turns on the lights and rotates the mannequins to convince the robbers that he is in his family’s home. Smart lighting can really keep burglars away from your home. With the HDL ON app, you can turn on the lights from your phone even when you’re away. You can even play the same trick with multiple devices like your TV and stereo system. All of this will make others believe that it is your home when you are on vacation or staying overnight.

With an HDL home lighting control system, you’ll never go back to a dark home. Wherever you are, the home can be turned on or off automatically or after a certain time. In other words, your home knows you’re coming in the evening and turns on your lights. It’s all irrelevant. If that’s not enough, you can install motion sensors to make it easier for you to go to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. You can use your voice when filling your hands. You can even tell your home to turn off every device from the comfort of your bed.

Smart Home Lighting Control System

Smart lighting is “smart” for a reason. Besides its obvious convenience, it also helps save energy. A traffic light can be at a certain brightness continuously for several predefined scenes. Imagine you need bright light in a room and you decide to set it to 50% or 70% brightness. To save energy, you can turn on and off the lights, even if someone in your family forgets to turn them off.

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We hope we’ve made it easy to learn about smart lighting systems. Smart lighting makes your everyday work intuitively easier and easier for the whole family to use and enjoy. It also helps you save money by reducing unnecessary energy waste.

But this is only the first light when it comes to the benefits of smart lighting. There’s no better time than now to start your smart lighting journey where your future looks bright

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