Smart Street Lighting System Ppt

Smart Street Lighting System Ppt – 2 Ambiguous purpose: Street lights in places with few queues of travelers spending the night without any purpose. As a result — a lot of energy is wasted. The use of simple but efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology that provides fast, efficient and energy-saving street lighting can be developed in areas with wireless Internet access. The purpose of this project is to describe the functionality of the Smart Street Lighting (SSL) system.

Task 3 Change street lights to 20% of their maximum power when there is not enough light around (after sunset) – this can be achieved using an LDR (light dependent resistor). The area where SSLS is to be used should be monitored by a camera. Whenever any direction is detected in the moving video (created by any vehicle or pedestrian), increase the lighting in that area to 80% without disturbing anything else. When the movement stops, return to the first line.

Smart Street Lighting System Ppt

Smart Street Lighting System Ppt

4 Solution: Identify all traffic generated in the “visible” area (camera field of view!). Find the depth based on the image captured by the camera at a certain angle towards the road. Depending on where in the image a pixel moves, you send a predetermined “signal” to the arduino via communication, which will be mapped to street lights near that area. 20%

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5 STEP BY STEP Step by step: At night, all street lights will reach 20% intensity using only one LDR connected to Arduino. . where the system is used)

We will see the video. Using image processing technology to remove backgrounds. Once we get down to the “required” elements in the element only, we can detect the current flow, determine where it connects, and send it to the arduino. The Arduino will be programmed to be able to draw guidelines to a depth (see first image…!) and then fully adjust the street lighting around that area.

7 Widespread Deployment To increase the SSLC level, wireless Internet connection requirements can be reduced in appropriate areas. However, it won’t remain “simsiz”. Videos will be uploaded via links.

9 This will be helped by long exposure times and cameras tilted at the right angle to cover most of the “useful” areas.

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11 By extending the communication chain, we can send data from all video cameras used in different places directly to a common system, where the images will be processed and signals will be sent to activate the lighting of the entire facility…


In order for this website to operate, we collect user data and share it with our administrators. To use this site you must accept our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy.2 INTRODUCTION: An automatic street lighting control system is a simple but powerful concept that uses transistors as switches. Thanks to this system, physical work is 100% eliminated. By using this system, energy consumption is also reduced.

Smart Street Lighting System Ppt

3 Principle of operation: The automatic lamp control system operates on 12 V DC power. The traffic light control consists of a photoelectric sensor that responds to the light source by turning the LED on or off using a transistor as a switch. A light-based photoelectric device acts as a transducer that converts light energy into electrical energy.

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1. Power supply block diagram Power supply: Driver filter Bridge rectifier Step-down transformer 230 V AC 50 Hz DC output

6 Voltage: A specific voltage is applied to the input of the circuit. AC input i.e. 230V transformer: Usually, a DC power supply is required to power various electronic devices, and these voltages are 5V, 9V or 12V. But this voltage cannot be obtained directly. Rectifier: The output of the transformer is fed to the rectifier. It converts alternating current into direct current Filter: In this case, a capacitive filter is used. Removes noise from the output rectifier and simplifies DC regulation. The output signal received from this filter is constant until the supply voltage and load are kept constant. A voltage regulator is an electrical device designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. They require 5V and 12V power supply

7 2. Light Emitting Diode (LDR): The LDR detects the light level and produces an input signal in the form of a voltage drop. 3. Amplifier: The Darlington method amplifies the input signal to obtain a higher current gain. 4. Switch: The switch relay opens or closes the circuit and is automatically energized or turned off by the Darlington. 5. Good lighting: The output of the circuit is a street lamp. They have been replaced with LEDs.

8 PD The resistance of the LDR changes when different light falls on the “window” of the device. This allows electronic circuits to measure changes in light levels.

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When light levels are low, LDR tolerance is high. This prevents current from flowing under the thyristor. Therefore the LED does not light up. However, when light falls on the LDR, its resistance decreases and it flows into the field of the first transistor and then the second transistor. LED lights

11 The simple material is arranged in a long, stripe-free surface on a disc with protective edges. For other protections, glass or plastic protection can be added. Both ends of the cables come out and connect to the stud under the cover as shown above.

Light-emitting diodes are light-emitting diodes used in electronics. They are made in various shapes, colors and sizes. Due to their low cost, low energy consumption and ease of use, they have pushed almost all other light sources – lamps – to the first place. They work similarly to conventional diodes, except that they emit light when current flows through them. Light emitting diode and signal circuit

Smart Street Lighting System Ppt

13 APPLICATIONS: Vision is electricity, which can be widely used in the management of industry, vehicles and equipment. The switch allows you to separate two different parts of the system with two different voltage sources.

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15 Working: When current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created around the coil, which means that the coil becomes energized. This causes the armature to be pulled by the coil. The armature connection acts as a switch and closes or opens the circuit. When the coil is de-energized, the spring pulls the armature to its normal open or closed position. There are all types of relays for all types of applications

17 HOW IT WORKS: LDR provides high resistance in the dark. At this point, the voltage drop across the LDR is over 0.7 V. This voltage is sufficient to drive the transistor into the saturation region. In the saturated region, the IC (collective current) is very high. Thanks to this IC, the relay is powered and switches the lamp. LDR provides very low light resistance. At this point, the voltage drop across the LDR is less than 0.7V.

18 This voltage is not sufficient to drive the transistor into the saturation region. Therefore, the transistor will be in the cut-off region. In the cut-off region, the IC (cumulative current) is zero. Due to this IC, the relay will not be powered and the lamp will only be in OFF mode. A diode is connected to a relay to dissipate the generated electromagnetic field.

CONCLUSION: By using this circuit, you can significantly reduce energy consumption because the light turns on and off automatically at the right time. Errors resulting from manual operation can be completely eliminated. Building the wheel is also easy.

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