Smart Street Lighting System

Smart Street Lighting System – We are a fast-paced technology company that integrates the latest IT, energy and telecommunications technologies into hardware and software solutions to build and implement intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure. Founded in 2005, FLASHNET is a leader in intelligent energy management systems with operations worldwide. From 2022, FLASHNET became part of Lucy Group.

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Smart Street Lighting System

Smart Street Lighting System

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Technical storage or access is necessary to create user profiles to send advertisements and to track users on the website or websites for similar marketing purposes. An effective path to a smart city future lies in the light of cost reduction: Smart interconnected street lighting solutions. It’s the right choice for cities that want to deploy separation technology that can be automated, pedestrian/vehicle-sensing, and highly customizable for different situations. Faststream’s smart street lighting provides the necessary assistance and makes it very easy to efficiently manage and maintain lighting throughout the city.

Smart Solar Street Light

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Smart Street Lighting System

Any cookies that are not particularly necessary for the functioning of the website and are used specifically to collect user personal data through analytics, advertisements and other embedded content are called non-essential cookies. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before enabling these cookies on your website. Smart street lights refer to networked street lights. Each street light is equipped with an external dimmer, IoT devices and/or sensors. Smart street lights automatically adjust light intensity based on sunset/sunrise times, daily schedules, human presence, traffic conditions, and/or weather conditions. This significantly saves energy and reduces maintenance costs. Smart street lights also capture data and send it to a central control system in near real-time, allowing street light operators to:

Intelligent Street Lighting

Smart street lights automatically adjust the light intensity of connected street lights based on smart algorithms and inputs from external sensors. Such inputs include local sunset/sunrise times, daily light level charts, pre-programmed light scenes, human presence, traffic conditions and/or weather conditions.

To achieve this, traditional or LED street lights are usually equipped with an open lamp controller (OLC). The main purpose of this controller is to send and receive commands to connected street lights. Such commands include switching, dimming, scheduling, and maintenance messages.

The outdoor lamp controller (OLC) also acts as a bridge between the connected street lights and the central control system (web-based software, CMS). The OLC collects lighting data and shares it with the central control system.

Nema and Zhaga based controllers are clearly more popular and widely used in cities. This is because it supports easy connection and operation of street light fixtures. More and more new smart lighting projects adopt the Zhaga D4i standard.

Smart Street Lighting

Outdoor street light controllers (OLCs) use a variety of communication technologies to connect to a central lighting control platform (CMS) or command and control center (CCC). Each mode of communication has advantages and disadvantages. Cities should choose appropriate communication technologies based on local conditions.

Smart street lights are often equipped with one or more sensors. These sensors either form part of an External Lamp Controller (OLC) or are externally connected to the OLC. The different types of street light sensors and their functions are listed below.

Smart street lights are an affordable, practical and sustainable way to minimize energy use and costs. Smart street lights also improve the quality of life in communities and the safety of residents by alerting lighting operators for quick repairs if necessary.

Smart Street Lighting System

Considering the benefits of smart street lights, more and more cities around the world are adopting LED street lights with smart controllers. A small increase in investment in smart controllers will ensure that cities are future-proof when deciding on LED street lights.

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+ Common synonyms for Outdoor Lamp Controller (OLC): Street Light Controller (SLC), Lamp Controller, Light Controller, Smart Street Light Controller, Control Node, Dimmer, Street Light Motion Sensor, Nema Controller, Zhaga controller.

+ Synonyms used for smart street lighting: smart street lighting, smart street lighting, smart city lighting, dynamic lighting, adaptive lighting, on-demand lighting, on-demand street lighting, connected lighting, networked street lighting, energy efficient street lighting, centralized controlled street lights, automatic street lights, street light automation.

+ Synonyms used for street lighting: street lighting, LED street light, outdoor light, fixture, outdoor lighting, street lighting fixture, public lighting, road lighting, street lighting.

+ Synonyms used for driver: LED driver, power supply, LED power supply, dc driver, power regulator, AC/DC converter, dimming driver, DALI driver, analog dimming driver (0-10V or 1-10V), D4i driver. GridComm provides complete smart lighting solutions that network through city power lines and connect sensors for instant communication. Then consider air, pollution, traffic, etc. use it to connect thousands of sensors to measure and communicate with street light control software to save millions of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. Intelligent lighting operations alone can reduce a city’s annual electricity consumption by up to 40%. Providing unprecedented control, smart city networks will enable hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors to coordinate and deliver detailed environmental data in real-time. With 50 billion IoT devices predicted over the next 10 years, our solutions are ready to connect with them all to create a comprehensive, future-proof foundation for smart cities.

Smart Street Lighting

Our unique sensors are interconnected to form a central nervous system that spans the entire city. Wirelessly enhanced power line infrastructure is paving the way for instant analysis of weather, pollution, video surveillance and traffic data through environmental sensors and third-party technologies, significantly increasing cost and resource efficiency for cities.

Inefficiencies occur when systems are not interconnected. Being able to monitor the vitality of the city with real-time data means that equipment malfunctions and failures can be detected immediately and even predicted in advance. Eliminating the need for human engineers to perform routine physical inspections on-site can significantly reduce repair and maintenance costs for cities while optimizing equipment life.

GridComm’s solution eliminates the need for very expensive new infrastructure and will stand on top of the city’s existing power lines. We solved the problem of signal interference from electrical noise by adding a wireless connection layer on top of 18 redundant channels. This enables us to deliver highly reliable smart city network solutions with complete technology ownership, from sensors to gateways and software. Bi-directional communication is possible when the sensor sends data to GridComm’s back-end gateway device. This device acts as a “brain” and reliably sends instructions back to the sensors.

Smart Street Lighting System

GridComm creates a network over existing city power lines and uses this network to connect street lights and sensors.

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“This is disrupting the way cities manage their infrastructure. We start with street lights. There are one billion street lights in the world. Over the next five years, 40% will be upgraded to connected street lights. , street lights are just the beginning.” Our network spans the entire city Once connected, street lights can connect thousands of sensors and use the transmitted data to measure weather, pollution, traffic, and more.

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