Two Person Electric Car

Two Person Electric Car – Ancient people of Japan, here is a small island. Oh well, you don’t have to be old enough to enjoy the perks of Toyota’s latest version, but it certainly helps. That’s important because this ‘ultra-compact battery electric vehicle’ is specifically designed to support that population.

The BEV is a two-seater, small footprint, low top speed of 37mph, all-round and a limited range of 62 miles on a single charge designed to cater to “Japan’s aging society”. Basically, it is a small electronic wallet.

Two Person Electric Car

Two Person Electric Car

“We are proud to offer customers a vehicle that may not be autonomous, but takes up less space, makes less noise and has less impact on the environment,” Toyota said.

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Modern and business drivers alike will find comfort in BEV’s small, compact, electric hands. Yes, Toyota’s plan for this BEV is to spearhead a plan that will address all aspects of battery life – resale, recycling, encouraging local businesses, use for cities and mountain communities, and others.

This BEV will be launched in Japan late next year, followed by a third ‘Walking Area BEV’ – one for standing, one sitting and one wheelchair – in 2021.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. Check out the latest news, reviews and offers in your inbox. Since its launch in 2012, Twizzy, Renault’s electric vehicle, has been a unique machine that has carved its place in the urban mobility landscape and the new world of shared mobility. Let’s take a look at the history and key features of this art form.

The Twizy story began in 2007 with a group of enthusiasts at Renault who believed there was room in the market for an accessible urban electric vehicle somewhere between a moped and a car. The project took two years to get going, and then another year to design the first prototype. In 2011, it was time for Tweezy to get approved and finally, in 2012, Tweezy was released. So it took five years for the Renault Tweez to hit the show. However these days, the quad bike remains the same in the car market, electric or not, and goes with it. The reason behind its name? Reduction of “twin” (for its two seats) and “simple” (for ease of use and handling.).

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The range of Renault Twizy can reach up to 80 km in actual use. The effort of the Twizy, and therefore the range of this electric vehicle, depends not only on the conditions (road slope, outside temperature etc.) but also on the nature of driving. Natural driving energy can save up to 60% of the range compared to the more “brusque” mode. On board, the economy indicates effort in real-time, allowing the driver to optimize the range of their Twizy.

Restoring the Renault Twizy couldn’t be easier: just attach it to the housing base. For its 7 kWh battery, 3.5 hours are enough to charge the battery for a maximum electric range of 80 km!

Part car, part motorcycle, the Twizzy looks and feels, in its shape and size, somewhere between a large moped and a small electric car. Its dimensions – 2.33 meters long and a good meter wide – allow it to stay on the ground – on the road as it blocks the vehicles and the front frame of the vehicle on the street. You still have to pay for parking, but finding a spot is easier! For Twizy users who prefer to drive electric vehicles as a group, one standard parking space is enough to park three Twizys. Another unique feature that allows the Twizy to fit into any parking space is its scissor doors that open vertically, meaning less room for the driver to exit the vehicle. Of course! The Twizy is also nimble to drive around town, thanks to its chassis developed by Renault Sport, which is very comfortable and has decent road holding for urban mobility.

Two Person Electric Car

Although it’s great for weaving in and out of cars and simple cars, the Renault Tweez is a real 2-seater car that can fit a child or an adult passenger in the back. Driver’s seat. Plenty of storage space is available, including pockets in each side door and a 55-litre trunk. A wide range of interior equipment is designed to make trips safe and comfortable: accessories and options such as a Bluetooth® hands-free kit, integrated music speakers and a magnetic smartphone holder (so it can be used in Twizy’s mobile app.)

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In its 5 horsepower version, available without a driving license in most European countries, the Twizy electric vehicle is limited to 45 km/h. Its 17 horsepower sibling has a top speed of 80 kmph.

Being a quad bike, the Twizy is not road certified. This electric vehicle with a compact design is made keeping in mind the urban environment. No expressways and freeways! Also, another reason why the Twizy is not compatible with road driving is its speed limit of 80 km/h.

Currently, laws vary between countries but, in short, you need a driving license to drive a Tweezy… but it’s not! It all depends on the version in question: in France, for example, the Twizy 45 (reduced to 45 km/h) is considered a light-electric quadricycle (category L6a) and is therefore included for drivers over 14 years of age. Age, etc. No license if you have a road safety certificate. However, the more powerful Twizy 80 (which reaches 80 km/h) belongs to the heavy quadricycle category (L7e) and therefore requires a B license or B1 license and is accessible from the age of 16.

The concept is similar in Germany. The first version of the Twizy will be available to moped license holders from the age of 16, while the second version of the Twizy requires a category B driving licence.

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More sustainable and less restrictive than individual car ownership, shared mobility is the most popular mode of transportation in cities. And when this type of motor is also electric, silence and the absence of exhaust pipes are an added advantage. Although ZOE is the leader when it comes to electric car sharing services in Europe, the Twizy is also doing well, according to the TOTEM mobile service brand in Marseille, France, where it operates city trips. More than 9,000 km away, in Seoul we find Twizy quadricycles used in the public transport sharing service that LH offers to residents of several apartment blocks.

In France, the Twizy 45 costs 7,450 euros and the Twizy 80 version costs 8,240 euros. Of course, the price of Twizy varies between countries. Many European countries have implemented measures at different levels to encourage drivers to buy electric vehicles: from purchase subsidies, reductions (or complete elimination) of VAT or other taxes and some when all these incentives come together! This should not be forgotten when thinking about investing in an electric vehicle. Barcelona-based company Silence has just introduced its electric car Silence S04, which will appear in two models with different force and acceleration.

Silence is known for some models of electric maxiscooters, S01, S02 and S03. 60 mph is the highest in the motorcycle industry, but now with the addition of two wheels, silence becomes more difficult.

Two Person Electric Car

The S04 electric car was presented at the opening of the new headquarters in Barcelona. Two models were released for the L6e and L7e series, representing different legal classifications for square vehicles in Europe.

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The smaller S04 “car” uses reclining seats and fits two passengers in a short 2.33 m (7’7″) long vehicle. According to the company, the compact design allows two cars to fit in one parking space. With the seats split, the rear of the car includes storage on the rear passenger side.

The L6e version has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), a 6 kW motor that can be driven by drivers with a simple AM ​​moped license, meaning a license for a 50cc moped. This license is common for young riders aged 14-16 in many European countries.

The L7e version has a higher top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) and 14 kW more torque. A standard motor vehicle driver’s license is required.

The models have different battery sizes, with a smaller 5.6 kWh trolley-style battery in the lower power version and a larger 11.2 kWh battery in the higher power version. The vehicles are quiet with a range of 149 km (92 mi) based on the WMTC standard.

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The wheel battery is similar to the one made by Silence for its electric scooters, but more powerful.

The Silence S04 starts at €7,500 (about US $8,730), and the vehicle can also be purchased without a battery. Using the same model of Gogoro electric scooter battery

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