Two Person Smart Car

Two Person Smart Car

Two Person Smart Car – Smart ForTwo and ForFour are designed with city driving in mind. Small on the outside, but surprisingly rich on the inside, they are the perfect choice for anyone for whom parking is at a premium.

We’ve taken a detailed look at the Smart pair – plus the drop-down cabrio variant of the ForTwo – to see how they match up.

Two Person Smart Car

Two Person Smart Car

As two of the smallest cars on sale today, it’s hard to imagine a place where both the ForTwo and ForFour would struggle to park. The narrow body makes it easy to break through traffic, which would be impossible even for other vehicles.

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With so few cars around you, it’s very easy to judge the extremes of a car, making everyday driving – especially parking – difficult.

As the name suggests, the ForTwo has only two seats, but without requiring additional seats, there is plenty of room for the driver and front passenger. Very tall riders may find their heads close to the headliner, but there is plenty of shoulder and leg room.

Taller adults may feel a little cramped in the back of the five-door ForFour, but getting into the back is easy, making it a good choice if you regularly carry more than one passenger.

Without catering for the rear passengers, it is a smaller ForTwo with a larger trunk. The 260-litre boot is just a touch less than what you’ll find in a Ford Fiesta. That’s not bad considering the engine is under the boot floor.

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Although the ForFour has a smaller boot with all the seats in place, folding the rear row increases boot space to a useful 975 litres.

However, one of the biggest advantages of putting the engine in the rear is that it allows for an unusually tight turning circle. As a result, both the ForTwo and ForFour are some of the most maneuverable cars on the road. For a smaller Smart, its 6.95m turning circle is comfortably tighter than even a London taxi.

Designed primarily for urban craft, the Smart only comes with a small fuel tank – 28 liters on most models, with the exception of some ForFour models which have a 35-litre tank. If you live by the frugal claims of 68.9mpg, you should still be able to get over 400 miles between fill-ups.

Two Person Smart Car

Predictably for such a small car, the intelligent couple weighs very little. Even the heaviest ForFour barely tips the scales at over a tonne (thanks to the dual-clutch automatic it weighs 30kg more than a standard manual), while the lightest Cabrio weighs just 780kg.

Of The Lightest Cars Sold In The U.s

Visit the Smart ForTwo or Smart ForFour Deals page to find the latest discounts on this beautiful city car. Alternatively, our car selector is the place to go if you need a bit more information before making a decision. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States typically conducts crash tests by smashing the car into an opposite barrier at about 65 mph. But in the latest tests, the agency took three of the smallest cars it tested — the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and Smart fortwo, which all scored “good,” the highest possible rating — in individual crash tests, and they against a bigger car. a car from the same manufacturer – Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The result: All three received a false grade, indicating that vehicle size and weight are important in car accidents.

However, some argue that new safety features such as airbags, improved seat belts and electronic stability control make small cars just as safe as larger, heavier cars. In addition, they are easier to maneuver so that drivers avoid accidents completely.

But some aren’t buying all the rhetoric on either side of the argument. They prefer to focus on other factors – namely price and fuel efficiency.

Two Person Smart Car

Microcars like the Smart fortwo will save you serious money at the pumps. The little two-seater is excellent on petrol, averaging just 5.4L/100km in combined highway and city driving. And combined CO2 emissions are just 130g/km, which impresses even die-hard environmentalists. In fact, the Smart fortwo won the 2009 ecoEnergy Award as Canada’s most fuel-efficient two-seater.

The Smart is available as a coupe or convertible. The coupe is available in two trims, called “Clean” ($14,990) and “Passion” ($18,250). The convertible, on the other hand, is only available as a “Passion” model ($21,250). The price may seem high for a small car, but it has serious appeal, environmental benefits and a number of safety features.

All Smarts have anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution, electronic stability program with hill start assist, full-size driver and passenger airbags, head/thorax side airbags, Tridion safety element and tire pressure monitoring system.

Two Person Smart Car

While the “clean” coupe is pretty basic, my “passionate” coupe adds nice features like air conditioning, heated seats, an AM/FM radio with six-disc MP3 functionality, two tweeters, a subwoofer, 15-inch alloy wheels, and three-spoke leather. Steering wheel, and gear knob.

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It also has a huge panoramic roof that lets a lot of light and sunshine into the cabin. But if you want a real convertible, you have to go for the “passionate” convertible. It has an electric tri-top fabric soft top that opens with a button.

However, it takes a little more elbow grease to be fully exposed. Push the roof down by hand until the rear upper part is locked. Remove the roof bars and place them in a hidden compartment in the back.

Although it looks small from the outside, the Smart fortwo is big enough inside. Access to the cabin is easy; the doors open wide, making entry and exit easy. Surprisingly, it really feels like you’re sitting in a much bigger car. There is enough head, leg and shoulder room for two tall adults.

Everything – all switches, knobs and buttons – is easy and intuitive to find and use. The fabric material is durable and strong, and the seats offer enough support even on long drives.

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The bold red interior of my coupe is striking and complements its design perfectly. There are plenty of storage spaces – you’ll find coin holders, cup holders, a lockable glove box and compartments next to the steering wheel and in the doors. The vanity mirror on the passenger sun visor is also practical.

There is enough luggage space for a few grocery bags and other items. The cargo cover also hides things from prying eyes. If you need more space, the front passenger also folds down to accommodate longer items.

But beware of too many options – it can quickly increase the price. For example, the cockpit clock and tachometer – signature instruments on the Smart Dash – are cool and retro, but cost an extra $160. Front fog lights cost $145.

Two Person Smart Car

Under the hood is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 70 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque. It is mated to a five-speed manual transmission with an automatic transmission.

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From a standstill the Smart is weak and the gear change extremely strong. It shifts slowly, causing the car to slide back and forth, making for an uncomfortable ride for passengers at times, especially at low speeds. But at higher cruising speeds, the gear changes aren’t as sharp; the ride is more stable and comfortable.

The Fortwo is ideal for city driving; it’s a great grocery store that’s easy to drive to and park. Plus, it has an insane turning radius, so you’ll never make a three-point turn again in your life.

While it may not have fared well in some crash tests, the Smart fortwo excels in other areas – namely gas mileage and environmental benefits. Glenn drove his little smart fortwo, feeling like he was in a fishbowl. Kolano remembers. Not because the car was so small, but because everyone looked at him through the glass as he drove.

“It would stop people in their tracks,” said Kolano, a retired emergency room nurse from London, Ont. “People didn’t think it was legal. They doubted it could go on the 401. Bystanders in big SUVs rolled out their windows to take pictures.

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Kolano was one of the first in Canada to buy a Smart Fortwo, which he drove off the lot in late 2004. Now he and his wife each have one; there have been a total of eight.

“I thought it was a great way to save the environment, and it seemed like a very practical solution,” Kolano said. He once drove from London to Miami for US$55 in gas and always found a parking spot, even in downtown Toronto. In the winter, he put on winter tires and never missed that he was not in four-wheel drive.

However, he was not surprised to see the news that Mercedes-Benz will stop selling smart cars in the US and Canada this year. Smart’s demise is just the latest chapter in North America’s troubled relationship with small cars.

Two Person Smart Car

“I’m mostly disappointed with all the people who never understood what a smart car is

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