Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

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Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

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Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini Gen 4

Nonda exists to offer smart solutions that make everyone’s everyday life easier. We believe in the promise of app-powered devices to improve the lives of people around the world, including those of car drivers around the world. With our expertise in industry-leading connected car applications and devices, we now bring the convenience and safety benefits of the connected car to drivers of all types of cars, all at a reasonable price.

Nonda’s brand promise is based on simplicity, quality and accessibility. We strive to provide you with products that are easy to install and use. Your connected lifestyle should run smoothly throughout the day, helping you when you need it and how you need it. In addition, Nonda products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so you can trust that they will last and become even more useful over time as new features are introduced into the app experience. In fact, our products have been recognized with the prestigious iF and Red Dot design awards. Finally, nonda is committed to bringing you advanced technology that is accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford a new car every few years.

I accept the processing of my data according to the conditions set out in the Privacy policy. The Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor helps you monitor your car. The device connects to your OBD II port and communicates with an app on your smartphone. According to Nonda, users can save more than $5,600 between repair bills, pump visits and even take advantage of tax deductions.

The Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor allows you to read and clear check engine lights and receive free fault code diagnostics. There are also built-in mileage records and self-repair video tutorials. The device is compatible with 95 percent of cars on the road today and is designed for low energy consumption.

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The Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor will work with almost any modern smartphone. The device is compatible with iOS and Android via Bluetooth 4.2.

“The ZUS app only collects the data necessary for the functions of the app you are using. For example, if you want to use the Mileage Recording feature for tax deductions, the ZUS app records your trip locations to meet the IRS requirement. Another example is the Auto Car Finder feature, which needs to record your parking location so you can find it once you lose it.

You can get your own Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor for free, normally $59.99, through Nonda’s website. You just have to pay the shipping. After receiving your device, be sure to pair it with the ZUS Smart Driving Assistant app, available through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

If you end up enjoying the device, be sure to write a review. Nonda says that’s why they feel like giving things away. Currently, according to customer ratings on the App Store, ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is the best app of its kind in the world. Gear Diary is reader friendly. When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Click here to find out more.

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor (black) With 1 Year Malaysia Warranty [ Ai Home ] Nonda Zus Vehicle Monitor

Don’t you hate it when a check engine warning light appears? Sometimes it’s something serious that needs major repairs, but often it’s something simple. Knowing what’s going on (and whether or not you can fix it) usually means going to a mechanic; Most of the time, they will charge you to connect your vehicle to their diagnostic machine, even if no repairs are made! The Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini can help and you can get one for free – you pay the shipping cost.

Four years ago, I reviewed the Nonda ZUS smart car finder and USB car charger; It came with many more features than usual, including an automatic car finder, parking time alarm, mileage log, the ability to share your parking spot, and a parking status monitor. battery. Since then, they’ve introduced the $59.99 ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor, which can

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini is a plug-and-play device that, once installed, can automatically log your trips (and easily export them for IRS-compliant reporting at tax time), monitor the status of your engine with Real-time alerts, scan your car and read error codes every time the check engine light appears (each vehicle error code comes with complete diagnosis and easy repair video tutorial), clear the error code after After you have fixed the problem, analyze your driving habits, help you monitor and record your car data, and yes, it also helps you find your parked car. The only thing you can’t do is charge your smartphone. 😉

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini package comes with simple instructions, a small black OBD-II port connector device and its top cover.

Nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

All you have to do is put the cover on the piece that shows all the small circuit boards, leaving the OBD-II pins exposed.

Now, if you still don’t know where it is, it’s time to find your vehicle’s OBD-II port. I have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and my port is open on the lower left side of the driver’s side. Yes, I know it’s gross and my Jeep is dirty; In my defense, I live on a ranch, and this

Once you have done this, the ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini will start receiving information from your vehicle’s system.

Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

You will notice that at the bottom of the Dashboard screen there are three dots. The first screen shows what is happening on your system right now. Since I was sitting in the driveway (and had just inserted the module), there is not much information yet.

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The next screen will unfold with more information as I drive my vehicle over time. It will show, for example, how much time my engine spends idling, how much time I spend accelerating, although to be fair, when you click on the tile, it shows that driving between 55 and 60 mph is usually the most fuel efficient . . Our speed limits on the highways are 70-80 and due to the pandemic I only use them once a week or so when I make Angelo run to get groceries, but I will probably show more “speed” due to so. Rapid acceleration and harsh braking are the next tiles, and basically let you know if you’re driving efficiently or if you’re trying to pull off my title “Lead-Foot Lipsett” (ha, good luck with that! ). High Rev lets you know if you regularly drive in the most economical rpm range.

The last page of the Dashboard has tiles, where you can add various system controls that you want to keep an eye on. However, a warning will appear stating that due to OBD-II data limitations, the more tiles you add, the less frequently each item will be updated.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is in the bottom menu, under Security. When you click on it, you will be prompted to perform the first full scan of your system.

My Jeep did not come with a rear camera, but I added an aftermarket one, not shown.

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My vehicle is very well maintained, but minor problems have arisen in the almost five years that I have owned it. If something is revealed during a scan, the app will explain what’s going on and walk me through a tutorial on what to do to fix it, possibly on my own if possible. Currently, there are more than 150 video tutorials showing how to fix each P code yourself, with more than 250 videos coming soon. If one of my scans returns an error code in the future, the corresponding DIY video will appear in my app and be sent to my email.

There are no hidden charges for using the Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini, and the only data the ZUS app collects is the data needed to provide the features you are using. If, for example, I used the Mileage Recording feature for a tax deduction, the ZUS app records all the locations and times of my trips to meet the IRS requirement. If I’m using the Auto Car Finder feature, it will use the location data from my connected device to record my parking location and find my car even in the darkest place.

Of their $59.99 ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor Mini as part of their “Tech Up, Drive Safer” campaign, and they’ll even ship internationally. Together with its free ZUS app for iOS or Android, the ZUS Smart Vehicle

Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

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