Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

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Amazon offers the nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor for $39.99 shipped. This is $0.39 from an all-time low and the best available. If your vehicle has an OBD-II port, and most do, then this tool is great to have in your car. It plugs into the port under your dashboard and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The ZUS Health Monitor, which automatically turns on and connects every time you start your vehicle, gives you real-time information about your car while you’re driving. From actual miles per gallon to helping diagnose checking engine codes and even showing detailed information about how your car is running. Rated 3.6/5 stars. Go below to see another great way to save on Nonda’s Vehicle Health Monitor.

Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

Nonda also offers the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini FREE when you pay shipping. This limited-time promotion is ideal if you’re looking for a screen that looks like today’s main deal, albeit in a slightly different form factor. You will also lose Prime shipping and it can take several weeks to arrive.

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If you want to save a few bucks but still want to know what the check engine light means for your car, we have a great alternative for you. The Foseal OBD-II Wi-Fi Reader is $22 Prime and does the job. You need a third-party app to use it, such as Torque on Android or inCarDoc for iPhone. But at the end of the day, it will still give you diagnostic information about your vehicle and allow you to clear check engine codes, even though the software may not be as perfectly polished.

For those who already own an OBD-II scanner, or just don’t feel like owning one, Nonda has you covered with its ZUS smart car charger. The smart car charger, priced at $34 shipped on Amazon, connects to your phone via Bluetooth and marks its location every time you leave your vehicle. This helps you always remember where you parked. In addition, it has two built-in USB charging ports capable of a combined 36W fast charging.

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Zuhmbkbtv Smart Vehicle Health Monitor User Manual Nonda Obd Manual 1 No Nda

As a lover of phones, drones and computers (couldn’t rhyme with that last one), I’m always on the lookout for the best deals on the market! If you have a tip for a great deal, drop me a line at [email protected]!

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Nonda Zus is an app-controlled system. All you need is a smartphone and you’re ready to diagnose vehicle problems.

Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

It is designed to be permanently plugged into your car’s OBD2 port (the port a mechanic would plug diagnostic equipment into to scan your car for fault codes).

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, Bluetooth Obd2 Car Code Reader New Model

Nonda Zus comes in a small cardboard box with product images and printed specifications. The outer box measures 10.0cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm and weighs 25G.

Inside the box you will find the following: 1x Vehicle Health Monitor, 1x Case, 1x English user manual (sort of).

You need to clip the case onto the vehicle’s monitor connector itself. I think the reason for the separation in packaging is to take full advantage of international postage rates for large letters. But since it’s exposed, it gives you a sneak peek at the internal circuit board.

When clipped, Nonda Zus measures 5.0cm wide x 2.5cm high and has a depth of 2.0cm.

Nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

If I told you to start using Nonda Zus, you would just download an app and connect the screen to your car, would you believe me? Well, you should, because it literally is.

The first thing to do is download the ZUS app (free) from the Google or Apple App Store.

This port can be located literally anywhere inside the vehicle. Since 1996, most cars have had an OBD2 port located somewhere. It is best to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or simply do a Google search for your vehicle. I have a Vauxhall Zafira and the port was located in the center console and I had to remove a cover.

Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

Once found, connect the Nonda Zus to the OBD2 port and make sure you connect it correctly. You can’t plug it in backwards or anything, but if you try to force it wrong, you risk damaging the pins on the Nonda Zus, your OBD2 port, or both.

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Once connected, start the engine, open the app and configure the Nonda Zus. To do this, enter your car’s VIN number. This is an alphanumeric number unique to your vehicle. You can usually find this number inside the driver/passenger door, in the engine compartment, on the dashboard when viewed through the windshield, or even printed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You must enter this number in the application. Once accepted, it will search and locate Zu’s vehicle monitor. You can add more vehicle information such as odometer reading, vehicle make, model, car year, etc.

You can then perform a vehicle scan. Fortunately (and this surprised me) no problem was detected on my vehicle. Nonda Zus will perform several searches related to the gearbox, clutch, fuel system, ECU, engine, power steering, brakes, ignition and many sensors and electrical circuits. Basically anything that would trigger the dreaded orange engine light.

If you encounter a problem, you can investigate it further, and you even have the option to remove the error code from your vehicle. This is something a mechanic will instruct you on.

That’s not all, if you leave it connected you are able to produce analytical data related to your driving style. This data shows you speed, revs, temperature readings and mileage (ideal for recording business or personal use of a car).

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Have you ever parked your car and lost it in a parking lot? Be honest, we’ve all done it! You can also find your car using the app. This is due to the precise GPS system, which not only locates your vehicle, but also allows you to save your exact GPS position online, perfect in case of an emergency. In addition, in the application there is an emergency section, in this area you can find hospitals, police stations and roadside assistance companies.

But to use all these functions, you need to leave the Nonda Zus constantly connected to your OBD2 port. This can obviously cause problems with your battery. Nonda states that Zus draws 5-8mA to function properly. This is difficult to translate to your individual vehicle. But I suggest that if you plan not to use your vehicle for a week or more, unplug the Nonda Zus just in case.

Nonda offers a premium package that includes tire maintenance, roadside assistance, etc., but to be honest, the free version is perfect for everyday use. You even get a weekly email (opt-out) from Nonda showing your driving style (or other drivers) which is great.

Zus Vehicle Health Monitor

As of 21/08/2020, Zus Vehicle Monitor is currently free (normally £59.99) and the app is also largely free (as explained above). The only cost is the delivery charge for the Zus which is currently £8.73. I also received my Nonda Zus within 7 days!

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I am extremely impressed with Nonda Zu’s vehicle OBD2 monitor. Above all FREE! This is a great gadget that will save you money and give you peace of mind when it comes to driving. I’m always worried that something is wrong with my car, so this little vehicle gadget will reduce my driving anxiety.

If you’re unlucky enough to miss out on the free promotional offer, Nonda Zus is still a great deal at £40.99 on Amazon. You would spend more for an hour of mechanical work!

I bought this product myself and decided to write a review. Nonda did not send me the product and was not aware of this review until it was published.

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Nonda Vehicle Monitor Mini

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